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There are 100's of online football betting sites to choose from when it comes to placing your football wagers on your favourite team or type of football bet. With such a choice of places to bet at it's best to select the most respected football betting sites for your money deposits. Select the football sites from our list below with the reassurance of knowing you are going to bet with a high street bookie name. Collect the free bets from these top online bookmakers today.  

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Football Betting Sites

A true list of recommended best football betting sites and the free bets you claim when you sign up and make a deposit. Subject to the football betting sites terms and conditions.

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Football Betting Advice for Punters – Follow these Top Tips

Every punter needs to be reminded of the basic strategy's when placing football bets after a while. Whether you have been suffering a losing run or just finding your football bets are getting you nowhere in terms of banking a profit – just make sure you have reminded yourself of these basic football betting advice tips before you place your next wager on the beautiful game.

Tip #1 – Keep a lid on the Amount you Bet

These tips on not betting too much sound obvious and when you feel you have to make good on past losses it's easy to forget this tip. Betting the right amount can be managed by preparing a betting bank to start with. Simply work out a reasonable amount of money you can set aside for your total football betting bank. To be totally rid of any anguish in the long term you should look upon this sum of money as being an amount you could lose totally and not be too pissed if that happened. Of course these tips are meant to deliver you profit in the long term, but just in case.

Take the total amount of your football betting bank and divide it by x 30 equal amounts. This can be a higher amount if you want to add extra safety.

You now have the amount you can allow yourself to stake on each football wager at one time. So as an example if you had an original football betting bank of £300 you would be able to place a £10 wager on each football bet. This would give you a total of 30 x £10 bets to have. This ratio should give ample room to start to grow your football betting bank AND incur any losing bets along the way. So to recap:

Betting Bank: £300

/ Divide by 30 to give you £10 per bet

You have 30 controlled bet amounts and if you were to say do correct scores, this is an example I shall use as I personally bet on these, you could have 30 x correct score bets which should give you some winners at least. The average odds of a correct score winning tip is around the 10/1 mark , it can be lower and can also be a lot bigger – 33/1 has been achieved before.

Tip #2 – Do your Research

Okay you could just follow a tipster or tipping site and why not, especially if they have proven success (this is a must obviously). However an even better method would be to do your own research in the area of football you enjoy and have knowledge in already.

Ask yourself what you know most about in football and do extra research into that area of football. Look for obvious trends like which team has a winning home record against certain teams. All this knowledge will pay off in the long term and give you an extra winning edge in your football bets.

You can also use the stats on the football teams available at the online bookmaker like bet365. Click on the Graph icon next to the football matches within the soccer betting markets listed, for it to open a new window that displays all the stats you need about recent head to heads and loads more information.

Transfer that knowledge into betting by pitting your expertise against the online bookmaker.

Tip #3 – Don't Deviate from your Path to Success

You should now have your betting balance put aside and worked out how much you can afford to place on each of your football bets. You should have done your research into the type of football bet you plan to follow and implement.

Choose your Type Of Football Bet

In my example it would be a correct score bet on a football match. I allow myself TWO correct scores per match to give me more chance of a winning result. You could have equally focused on how many corners in a given game or how many yellow cards, red cards are likely in a match. How many goals on average in a historical meeting between two sides or type of football match. All these stats can be investigated by using the stats provided for free at the online bookmakers.

Once you have focused on the type of football bet(s) that you have done your research into and are comfortable with your selection it would be wise to stick to those types of bets only. This will increase your chances of winning overall.

Tip #4 – Don't Chase your Losses

I know it's a bummer when you suffer a load of losers in a row BUT if you follow the previous football betting tips above and have your betting bank in place and you are sticking to what you know best then the winners will come.

So resist the urge to keep betting no matter what – if you do you will probably just add to your loss for the day. Remember there's always tomorrow. A new day and plenty of new bets to be had with it.

To conclude if you follow the tips above you should be well prepared to enjoy your football betting journey, eliminating any worries you may have had in the past about losing too much and wondering how to regain the winning thread. Give yourself time to build up your betting bank and watch it grow over time and yourself become a better gambler.

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