Harry Kane out until March — reaction & analysis | Premier League

Updated: 06/12/2022

Alejandro Moreno and Mark Donaldson of ESPN FC react to the news that star Tottenham striker Harry Kane will be out of Premier League action until March …


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28 thoughts on “Harry Kane out until March — reaction & analysis | Premier League”

  1. Is Harry Kane okay he is my favourite football player

  2. Kane inspired me to make my own channel to show support subscribe to me

  3. boo hoo says:

    Kate injured
    Son going away for Asian cup bad news

  4. MARTINJW25 says:

    Didn’t score against Utd

  5. Spurs have no depth at all if they can't cover for one player. Do Man City crap themselves when they lose Aguero ? That's what you call bad management.

  6. He s injured not dead so I feel no pity for spurs whatsoever they played this guy in da cup games against championship teams when they could have given llorente game time they played him in games for 90 mins when they were winning 5-0 after 60 mins so of course he got hurt

  7. That's bad news. Ones who are happy with a player's injury, even though he's from a rival team are a bloody disgrace

  8. K4 Josiah says:

    That's a huge blow, honestly he hasn't been moving well off the ball, looks tired and sluggish. Hope he recovers, he has a bright future.

  9. Can he play for February next month champions league so that I will no how t bet

  10. Its just a bloody sport , a form of entertainment ,its not a war , no point in hating anyone and shouldn't enjoy someone getting injured , Get well soon Kane

  11. No Kane
    No Son
    = Bye UCL/top 4

  12. ElTiBo44 says:

    Silver lining; no repetitive, brain and soul-deadening, nails on chalkboard, guitar riff

  13. lilbill023 says:

    We just need to change the way we play. Use llorente as a focal point and play some Ole fashion Allardyce football

  14. Damn, and Son’s gone for a while. They’re in trouble

  15. This will prove pep right or wrong. Is Spurs a hurricane team? Let’s find out

  16. tottenham out from premier league race…?

  17. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. steven g says:

    krillin from dragon ball z is on pundits duty these days

  19. Really bad luck. Harry’s a beast and as an Arsenal supporter I have to admit Spurs have been playing really well.

  20. zizou #5 says:

    The last kick of the game he got injured tsk tsk..

  21. Hopefully those bitches at Spurs now understand they have to spend big in the summer. Im sorry but thats it for Spurs. Kane is there game winner. There goal machine. Its terrible news to be honest. I wish no injury on any player. Players of that magnitude you gotta feel for em

  22. See levy we need deph no son either to be honest if we don't get a player in January even on loan till end of the season then it goin to be a struggle just to finish in the top 4 our season just took a big blow at the wrong time our chances have just been cut in half for top 4,league cup,fa cap and getting past Dortmund levy needs to get someone in and if you don't you annoy poch i would go for Hernandez

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