What Is League of Legends & How To Place a LoL Bet?

How To Place a LoL Bet

Updated: 26/03/2023

One of the fastest-growing segments of the entertainment industry is eSports. Competitions not only pull in big bucks but they are getting bigger every year.

As one of the new pillars of modern sports, it is also drawing the attention of a different type of “gamer.” Sports  betting is nothing new but it is somewhat unique in the world of eSports and video games.

Best LoL Betting Sites

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Nonetheless, one of the most established games that draws money bets from around the world is League of Legends.

Whether it is the game’s accessible nature or its intensely competitive teams, LoL betting makes for some riveting entertainment as well as a great opportunity for a return on your money when it comes to placing a bet.

League of Legend game Explained

If you’ve ever wanted to bet on League, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll tell you what you need to know to place a LoL bet and what aspects of the game (and players) you should know about when deciding how to spend your money.

League of Legends matches are played on a map called a Summoner’s Rift in teams of five each of which chooses a champion.

The champion has special abilities and can grant certain attributes to the team that selects him.

The goal of each match is to destroy the opposing side’s nexus.

The nexus is a structure that is located deep within enemy territory and, as such, is heavily guarded.

A typical match revolves around figuring out how to both protect your team’s nexus and destroy your opponent’s.

There are 135 different champions to select as of press and players have a choice of six different classes to choose from when creating their in-game character.

The varying champions and talents that players bring to the table makes these matches some of the most diverse out there.

Once you pick up on how it all works, a LoL match is one of the best pieces of entertainment out there.

How To Pick LoL Teams?

So how do you put all of this together when it comes time to pick teams?

  1. You want to try to think of a team’s champion as their handicap.
  2. You then want to compare the two teams on this basis. Next, look at the player roster and what classes they are.

You might also want to familiarize yourself with the six classes:

Assassin, Mage, Fighter, Marksmen, Tank, and Support.


  1. Assassin’s are fast, offensive units.
  2. Mages provide attack and support as well as the ability to target multiple foes
  3. Fighters are a jack-of-all trades class and act as the tanks of the group.
  4. Marksmen are amazing at ranged attacks.
  5. Tank provides tanking-specific abilities and can draw fire from teammates
  6. Support conducts healing and deals out buffs against oncoming attacks.

In terms of weaknesses.

Assassins suck at defense.

Mages are basically glass cannons.

Fighters don’t really have weaknesses per se.

Marksmen aren’t good at defense like Mages.

Tanks have decreased offensive capabilities.

Support doesn’t make much sense operating solo.

Can You Bet on League of Legends?

Of course you can, but you should know a few things before you do outside of the mechanics of the game. For one, you need to know how to read the odds.

This tells you two very important things about the upcoming match.

The first thing is who is favored to win the match and how many people think that this is going to happen.

The second thing odds tell you is how much money you could potentially win depending on who you bet on and where it goes.

As you can probably already guess, the less likely a team is to win, the more money anyone who takes a chance on them stands to win from the match.

Another aspect to understand is how the odds system most LoL betting sites use works. They use a system called American odds.

The other type is called fractional odds.

What these numbers mean is the amount you will have to possibly risk in order to win $100.

If a team is assigned a number of -200, for example, that means you must risk $200 to win $100. Let’s say the other team has a positive 100.

That means you need to risk $100 in order to make $100 betting on them.

Of course, wager amounts vary and you might want to use a calculator to see how much you stand to win wagering certain amounts of money.

Some other things that make LoL bet different are that you can conduct wagers before and during a match.

You can also wager money on the outcome of a tournament.

Moneyline wagers are those that bet on who is going to win a match outright while handicap/spread wagers allow you to spread out your risk somewhat by betting on both teams.

Totals bets ask bettors to wager how long the match will last and proposition bets (also called prop bets) make wagers based upon certain in-game landmarks like first team to score etc.

Props can be fun for live matches and quite lucrative as well.

How To Place a LoL Bet?

Betting on League is as simple as finding a venue. But, once you’re there, we have a few things for you to keep in mind.

  1. Shop Around for Best Odds and Promos

Different sites run various promotions throughout the year of which you might want to take advantage. Also, check out what kind of information you’re getting – some sites are better than others.

  1. Pay Attention to the Champions Selected

We cannot stress enough how integral champion selection is to a team’s performance. Knowing which champions do what and who they go well against will help give you deeper insights when betting.

  1. Play League Yourself to Understand the Game Better

Probably one of the best things you can do for yourself if you are serious about betting on League of Legends is to actually play the game yourself.

Nothing will give you a deeper appreciation for the mechanics and playstyles on display and you’ll also have better insight into betting, odds and placing your future LoL bet.

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