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Updated: 13/07/2024

Live soccer is one of the most betted sporting events at Australian bookmakers. You need to know the three secrets for live soccer betting if you want to win consistently.

One thing to know about live soccer betting is that, if you do not have the fundamentals or trained knowledge for it, you will only struggle to win.

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When it comes to soccer betting, or just betting in general, it is not a matter of how lucky you are, how much sports intelligence you have, or what rumors you hear.

What really counts is to know how to read the bookmakers odds movement, know how to play strategically, and discipline.

Those are the three biggest factors that distinguish the pros from the novices.

With that in mind, lets us now get to the three untold live betting sites secrets Australian bookmakers will want us to be tight-lipped about.

Once you know these secrets, you're going to have the upper hand–the advantage–to win.

Of course, most Australian bookmakers do not want you to do that; they just want to get the upperhand.

 Australian Bookmakers - Top 3 Secrets to Make You Money

Australian Bookmakers Top 3 Secrets To Online Live Soccer Betting

Secret #1 – Bet Only on Over/Under Odds. Preferably, bet OVER only.

So, the first secret is to make sure that you bet only on over/under odds.

Try to bet over only as much as possible. Do not bet on the whole game. Instead, just choose a half to bet over on. As long as there's a goal, you collect winnings.

You do not have to worry about who scores, when they will score, or how they score it.

As long as there's a goal, you collect.

Do not bet on handicap odds.

Betting on handicap odds is what most people do.

That is also the reason why most people lose.

Secret #2 – Bet In-game Only When The Game Starts

There are basically two reasons for this: you get better payouts and you'll get a much better picture of how a game is unfolding.

Betting in-game gives you much better returns.

The price points that you get in the marketplace pre-game is not always the best. So, be patient. Wait until the game starts before staking your bet.

Also, betting in-game gives you a better judgment on what the outcome will be.

For example, let us say that both teams are playing defensively during the first half.

Obviously, you do not want to be on that particular half since the chance of scoring a goal is pretty minimal.

Secret #3 – Stake Correctly

Staking correctly is one of the most challenging tasks for most online soccer bettors.

There's going to be three parts to this concept.

First, you have to build your capital first. Once you have built your capital, only then should you increase your bet.

If you follow these three secrets to online soccer betting religiously, you'll start to get the most out of your bets and slowly increase your capital.

There are countless of Australian bookmakers so get in touch with them now and start making those bets.

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