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Updated: 17/04/2024

On wagering sites, a push is a tie between you and the wagering website. This happens most regularly when you bet on a game that has a point spread. If your team wins by the exact spread of points that is listed, the bet is tied.

That is simply the standard answer to what does push mean in betting. A push can happen in a number of different wagering scenarios. Listed below, I will review all of the various scenarios so that you constantly understand what your possibilities are.

Other bet types that can push

Although pushes are most typical with point spread bets, they can occur on other bet types. A push can also happen on over/under overalls and Moneyline bets.

When the point total matches the over or under margin, an over/under bet is pushed. If the ending ratings are 14-7 on a game where the under or over margin was 21 then it's a push.

Moneyline bets are more particular. You can push on a Moneyline bet only in particular situations.

This style of bet can only be pushed if the game ends in a tie which was not one of the available alternatives.

Your three-way Moneyline bets won't get pushed considering that you can wager on a tie because of these conditions.

How betting sites avoid a push.

Due to the fact that they can't make cash when they have to return your stake, a lot of wagering sites will desire to prevent pushes. Although pushes do not occur too frequently, some sites will try to avoid pushes.

The simplest way to prevent a push is possible with a point spread bet.

There is no possibility for a push if you see a point spread that is not a whole number. There is no method to match a 10.5 point spread if you can't score half points in the game.

This very same method can be applied to over/under bets. If the over or under margin has a decimal you understand the wagering website wished to prevent a push.

Moneyline bets avoid pushes by consisting of an alternative to bank on a tie in between the two teams. This is generally provided for games where a tie is more typical such as football.

If you want to avoid a push, look out for the above techniques.

Who wins on a push bet?

In almost every wagering scenario there is a winner and a loser. Bets that end in a push are the exception to that guideline. When a bet is pushed, it is not considered a win or a loss for you. You don't lose or acquire any money.

If the subjects of the bet did not connect, it's just like a tie even.

When your wins and losses are tracked, push bets will either not be recorded or will be shown at the end. For instance, 7-2-1 is 7 wins, 2 losses, and 1 push.

What does it indicate when a bet is pushed?

All that a push means is that the game ended up differently than the betting site expected. If the game ended with a tie, then the odds of that were exceptionally low.

If the total score matched the point or the over/under spread then the teams included either did better or even worse than expected.

Now that you understand the standard answer to the question “what does push imply in betting” let's enter into the specifics. As mentioned above, a bet is pushed when you tie with the wagering site, but what does that mean for you?

When a bet is pushed, the stake that you put in will be reimbursed to you unlike if you had actually lost. Thankfully, considering that it isn't considered a win, you do not need to pay the sportsbook a cut. Every cent that you put in will be returned.

What does a push mean in a parlay?

Here's where pushes can get a bit more complicated. Given that losing a parlay or winning is identified by simply one loss, how does a push consider?

In general terms, a push in a parlay is the same thing as a push for any other bet. It can happen under the very same conditions and is not considered a win or loss.

Nevertheless, because you do not put money on particular legs of a parlay, you do not get any refund. There is a disadvantage to a push in a parlay. While you will not lose any money if one of the legs ends in a push, your earnings if you win is lowered.

Just like parlays, you can have a push in a teaser or a pleaser for comparable results.

Does a push mess up a parlay?

A push will not ruin a parlay, but it will affect your winnings and odds. A push will get rid of that bet from the parlay. This will improve your chance to win the parlay given that fewer things have to occur for you to win.

As a result, your winnings will decrease. That said, as long as you win one of the legs, all of the other bets can end in a push and you will still benefit. Though the odds for all pushes and one win get lower the more legs you add.

It would be as if you positioned a normal bet if your parlay ends in one win with the rest marked as pushes. In this case, it could be said that the parlay was ruined by a push. Still, a partial win is much better than a total loss.

What happens if you push one game in a parlay?

The best case scenario for a push in a parlay is just one. One push in a parlay will minimize your winnings, but will still permit you to win. One push will hardly impact the end result if it is a big parlay with several legs.

The remainder of the legs will factor in as usual, but the total odds and winnings will alter as mentioned above.

What takes place if free play pushes?

What happens when you place a bet using a free play offer and the bet leads to a push? Depending upon where you're betting, the free bet credits are either lost or returned as credit for another totally free bet.

Online betting sites, will frequently offer totally free in-play bets. These often need you to place a bet before the game begins. Generally, there are also certain eligibility conditions you should fulfill prior to being offered the complimentary bet.

They end up matching this bet (up to a specific amount) with an in-play bet. Regrettably, if the bet leads to a push, you will not get the free bet amount to utilize again later on. This is specifically real given that the totally free bet was for a specific game.

Last words

There's the answer to “what does push mean in bets” in any scenario you may encounter a push. Don't be dismayed when your bet is pressed, you may not have actually won, but you didn't lose either.

Also, do not forget to keep an eye out for those little techniques used to avoid presses given that a push is more suitable to a loss.

Best of luck with all of your future bets!

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