The Stars Group Expands its Operations in Bulgaria with New Office

Updated: 25/06/2022

The Stars Group has expanded its operations team by opening a new office in Bulgaria. The group has decided to expand in Sofia, having already got an office there and the new one will house over 200 TSG employees.

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The office, as announced by TSG management, will provide a stable base for all of operations activities, such as acquisition, branding and marketing, business intelligence and more. Their existing offices housed 350 employees, so this means they are planning to nearly double their workforce. This indicates the rate at which the company is growing and sends a clear message to any competitors out there. It is a fantastic opportunity and they will be sure to develop further in the future.

The new office will be built with sustainability in mind and is a demonstration of one of the companies goals. It will include modern inventions such as solar panels, charging points for electric cars, and even rainwater storage tanks, in order to be used for things like flushing toilets. The company chose Sofia as its base for expansion owing to the fact they already had an office there. It made logistical sense and can be seen as one of their main operating hubs in Europe.

It made sense for us to find another office that would help us fulfil our plans for continuous expansion TSG, Spokesperson

A Policy of Expansion

The growing number of employees is in line with its worldwide expansion policy. After breaching the US market, by going into 11 states, and forming various partnerships, the group now has the need for an expanded operations team. This move signals their intent to continue to grow, and it remains to be seen if they will expand further in the coming months. There are still markets in the US, and in other continents that could be targeted.

With over 3,500 employees (and growing), plus a revenue of over $1.3 billion, they are clearly one of the big players in the online gaming industry. After their acquisition of UK based Sky Betting and Gaming, they announced their intentions to the world to become the biggest and best. This move to Bulgaria will likely be the first of many expansion policies, and it remains to be seen which countries will get new offices and employees. For now, they seem content with Bulgaria, due to the aforementioned reasons. The Starts Group management has said the company, and in particular, international business has seen strong organic growth. These are all strong signals for the future and we will be keeping an eye out on any new developments.

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