Latest Met Office updates for first week in SW19 and early rounds

Updated: 02/12/2022


There is nothing worse than a rainy fortnight for supporters at Wimbledon. Except perhaps for the one insufferable man shouting “Come on, Tim!”.

When rain interrupts play, the schedule becomes more congested and fans who have paid to see their favourite players are sometimes denied the opportunity to do so.

For those viewing at home or via a surreptitious mobile device in a lunch break, bad weather simply leads to long TV studio debates and highlights of previous years’ finals.

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So, fingers will be crossed around the tennis world for clear skies in SW19.

Here is the latest forecast from the Met Office and the BBC for the Championships.

Monday – 1st round

Maximum temperature: 21°C

Minimum temperature: 13°C

Wimbledon will start with a sunny morning, but the skies may become cloudy in the afternoon. However there is a low chance of rain.

Tuesday – 1st round

Maximum temperature: 21°C

Minimum temperature: 13°C

Again, a low chance of rain on the second day of the championships, with a generally clear sky. A few clouds will come in the afternoon again, but it should be pleasant.

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Wednesday – 2nd round

Maximum temperature: 20°C

Minimum temperature: 11°C

Around a 10 per cent chance of rain in the early afternoon, but another clear, if slightly cooler day in SW19.

Thursday – 2nd round

Maximum temperature: 23°C

Minimum temperature: 13°C

Another sunny day with a gentle breeze is expected in south-west London. The sun could peek through the clouds for a day spent in the low twenties.

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Friday – 3rd round

Maximum temperature: 24°C

Minimum temperature: 15°C

Expected to be the hottest day at the championship so far, possibly even reaching the mid twenties with little chance of rain.

Saturday – 3rd round

Maximum temperature: 25°C

Minimum temperature: 15°C

It only keeps getting better, doesn’t it? Even more sun with a gentle breeze. Positively balmy with only a very small chance of showers.

People’s Sunday

Maximum temperature: 25°C

Minimum temperature: 16°C

As play only usually occurs if rain has caused schedule disruption, it is unlikely at this stage that a “People’s Sunday” will occur. Another bright day is expected on the traditional rest day, so it should be a day to go to the park and enjoy an ice cream.

Second Week

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The second week of Wimbledon is expected to be bright and sunny with a gentle breeze.

Rain is not currently likely, with chances of precipitation rarely rising above 10 per cent, but if it does occur Tuesday seems the most likely of the days at the beginning of the week.

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