Coral overhauls their sportsbook website

Updated: 27/11/2022

There are many reasons that Coral has become a successful global betting brand. They have frequently delivered one of the best retail betting experiences for punters across the country, and now they are bolstering the online platform in the same fashion. With a recent migration of Coral Connect into the online sportsbook, customers have access to a host of new features.

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Coral launches new connect sportsbook functionality. © Pexels.

The further technological capabilities this will bring Coral is unprecedented. For the first time, they will be able to offer both online and retail betting offers on one platform. This increased quality in user experience will drastically benefit the retention rate of the brand and should encourage more players to transfer the main portion of their usage onto the online sportsbook.

Connect functionality will mainly be advertised through CRM campaigns. Coral has always been a company highly capable of pushing new products onto their customer base, so this will no doubt be a highly effective and targetted campaign to lure new players onto their sportsbook. The new streamlined nature of the bookmaker overall is positive for all the customers that use the service.

There are many advantages to this latest move from Coral. Not only does this migration help existing customers use the sportsbook more effectively, but it will help the firm engage with an audience that is persistently relying on mobile and website interfaces to enjoy the betting experience. This is largely due to the nature of the retail betting industry expected to shrink in following months.

A statement from the operator said:

Customers will now have the opportunity to access our online and retail propositions within the same app – this is the next phase, building on our omnichannel solution. Having all the functionality on the sportsbook app provides a convenient, consistent and connected customer experience.Statement, Coral

With the added functionality to the sportsbook comes an excellent opportunity for customers to really enjoy the benefits of retail and online gambling simultaneously. Coral is really anticipating for the future with this latest development. The competition in this industry is fierce and companies are constantly engineering new mechanisms to win a bigger share of the market. Will this be the start of a new era of coral dominance, the next quarter will tell all.

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