Coral debuts free-to-play Correct 4 quiz for punters

Updated: 26/05/2024

To celebrate the return of the Premier League, Coral have launched a new initiative that will appeal heavily to the wider sports betting market. Quiz enthusiasts, as well as those who like to win free bets, will be particularly interested in this latest offering from Coral. What is yet to be seen is how frequently Coral will maintain this new Correct 4 quiz for UK customers.

Sports fans

The data battle in football rages on. © Pexels.

For the most part, Coral users will have to engage with the sportsbook in the classical sense of the word. But when looking at types of alternative bets, quizzes and competitions to win bonus funds. This represents a new wave of betting innovation. The Premier League has always been a popular platform for game designers and web developers to unleash their creativity, and the latest initiative of Coral Correct 4 will tap into the desire to push the boundaries of our

The new season is a great time to get off to the races with a new betting strategy, but it is certainly not something that will go without its hiccups. In the end, there are many reasons to get the initiative right the first time out. This is a new scheme that is being offered nowhere else in the sports betting world. The companies that have been able to offer their users an effective reward-based system for loyalty and success in their predictions are usually the ones that dominate the market.

This Correct 4 game will offer a £50 free bet for players that are able to successfully answer 4 questions about an upcoming Saturday Premier League fixture. If you want to check out this initiative in more detail, what are you waiting for, get over to Coral!

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