Welsh Rugby 1970’s to Present

Welsh Rugby 1970's to Present

A look back at some Welsh Tries from the 1970's, 80's 90's and the new millennium. Look to see how both the attacking and defensive games have changed!!


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11 thoughts on “Welsh Rugby 1970’s to Present”

  1. Book Worm says:

    Irishman here….Wales are a joy to watch, such great players. Should have voted for us to have the world cup though.

  2. How could you put 1995 on there DREADFUL year for Welsh rugby I remember it well, That Robert Jones try was the only one of the five nations and we got the wooden spoon. 1991 was bad too.

  3. Think the commentator is Nigel Stamerer Smith.

  4. great player hook the forgotten man what a waste

  5. Who is the commentator at the beginning?

  6. ltdantt says:

    Not a cave but rather South Africa, where the notion of something like Welsh Rugby is simply not worth our while. In more than 100 years wales have beaten us once. That is right ladies: once!! That is simply pathetic

  7. ltdantt says:

    Welsh Rugby! What is that?

  8. Sounds like monthy phyton doing voice over lol super tries

  9. 2010 isn't the present?! No mention of the recent grand slam winning years?

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