Wales v England, Official Extended Highlights, 06th Feb 2015

Wales v England, Official Extended Highlights, 06th Feb 2015

Official extended highlights of the Wales v England match in the 2015 RBS 6 Nations at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff on Friday 6th February 2015.


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31 thoughts on “Wales v England, Official Extended Highlights, 06th Feb 2015”

  1. I was there for this game and by god did it feel good to sing swing low in wales !

  2. JustDav says:

    wales copied scotland with that light show

  3. Wales no8 reached into the scrum when they scored

  4. this win was so sweet beyond words

  5. Why are people acting like it was an upset no upset Wales ate an excellent rugby nation

  6. 1unsung says:

    England always act amazed when they score a try. Why is that?
    Good to see them wearing Canterbury Kit, a New Zealand brand.

  7. DavidRM18 says:

    What's the song being played after Webb scores, anyone? Thanks

  8. Im a proud welshman,but full credit,England deserved the win.I REALLY hope we didnt underestimate them because with the best will in the world england never put a bad team out.England did to us what we did to Ireland.So roll on the world cup – i definitely think its game on. 🙂

  9. 4.09 well that's where the train to take the England boys home came from.

  10. if haskell didnt run into the post, we would  have won the 6 nations… lol

  11. Does anyone know the entrance music that the Welsh enter the pitch to?

  12. Six nations rugby is so theatrically over the top.Sucks like the boring superbowl.

  13. Wales is not a principality.

  14. Ryan Cliff says:

    saw north get knocked out man dammm

  15. Fair play to England in this match but the Welsh did amazingly in the first half with 16 – 8 but we just lost it in the second half. I think the English should stop being so cocky about this win, because we thrashed you at the exact same place in the exact same match a couple of years ago. We're now even.

  16. Pink182ism says:

    People saying the welsh have no plan b but to be honest I'm not sure there was a plan a! Great victory by England, they dominated every aspect of the game.

  17. AMCT 101 says:

    This is a genuine query regarding the first try. I thought when you are still bound, you can't reach into and handle the ball in the scrum, am I wrong?

  18. MattT2k9 says:

    George North had some slippery fingers.

  19. 4'40…North out for the count!!…Its a brutal sport

  20. Looking forward to wiping the floor with the Welsh in their own backyard!! there just too cocky for my liking although i wish Liam Williams was Irish!!

  21. England better than 5 point difference, with 2 tries marginally disallowed. Haskell going over the line so fast he bounced back 2 metres off the cushioning!

  22. I honestly thought we would be thrashed due to Owen farrel and Tulangi being injured.

  23. England try should have been allowed, the obstruction was miles away from where the try was scored

  24. Lol at North squaring up to Kruis

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