The Story of How Wales Won the RBS 6 Nations in 2013

The story of how Wales won the 2013 RBS 6 Nations Championship, all the crucial kicks and tries as they recovered from an opening day defeat to go unbeaten for the remainder of the championship.


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24 Responses to “The Story of How Wales Won the RBS 6 Nations in 2013”

  1. yes well played ireland you always make a classic game with wales but you cant fault the grit of the welsh players to go on to win the championship the way they did
    I see a bit of remorseful remarks from some of the irish fans so will go on to remind you of your loss to the italians in the same season

  2. That was not wales in that first game…terribly low in confidence at the time after a terrible autumn… wales just clicked in the second half and then went on and destroyed everyone.. the next six nations will be tough and the aviva and twickers but if wales are on form then id expect another trophy

  3. Do I need to watch this vid after 5:44?…Oh the shame of being English :o( !! Well done Wales, you deserved your win. Next time though, could you make it less one sided?!?!

  4. True Leigh carried the team, but he couldn't have done even half of it without the efforts of his teammates. Leigh, Player of the Tournament, well deserved!

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