Official Extended Highlights Ireland 13-9 England | RBS 6 Nations

Official Extended Highlights Ireland 13-9 England | RBS 6 Nations

In the final match of the 2017 Championship, England travelled to Ireland, knowing a win would bring them their second Grand Slam in two years.

Watch the extended highlights now.

Ireland v England | 18 March 2017 | Aviva Stadium

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42 thoughts on “Official Extended Highlights Ireland 13-9 England | RBS 6 Nations”

  1. Anyone watching this after England beat Ireland 2019?

  2. SavoPaddy says:

    Such a shame Payne had to retire, he gave Ireland such great service

  3. Watched this in Yates' in Romford with my daughter and my best friend from Antrim. When the final whistle went, some Essex soccer fans who knew fuck all about rugby said "Yeah, well done for coming second, Paddies".

    In 2018, I still feel smug.

  4. Ryan Smyth says:

    Red is dead and white are shit but green are the best

  5. I hope Ireland hammer england on saturday 17 march for the remarks that e. jones made against Ireland..   Come on Ireland.

  6. Ivan Casas says:

    that was great captaincy​ by best

  7. i was watching thins to see if ireland had a chance this year at Twickhem stadium and i think ireland will win by 7 points

  8. Mr Khatib says:

    Best game on earth love Rugby from India

  9. As an avid All Blacks supporter. The other 2 teams i follow are the Boks and Ireland.

  10. Ireland_ Masters of the ambush. Love it! Irlanda_ Maestros de la emboscada. Me encanta!

  11. Can someone tell me why England always play last in the last round of each tournament

  12. Ireland, you dream killers. We were so close…
    But fair enough. England played shite. You beat us fair and square.

  13. Caleb Love says:

    9 English people disliked this

  14. Soda King says:

    In the space of half a year Ireland stopped the all blacks and england of 19 wins in a row on those 2 days Ireland was the Kryptonite of the 19 in a row its stupid sexton is so good every team Ireland plays they play to take sexton out the all Black's did it england did it France did it disgraceful

  15. Henderson u are Ulster and Ireland magic

  16. 1:19 look at the guy with beer in the second row while every1 else is cheering

  17. John Smyth says:

    english always targeting a good player thats cowardice

  18. irish1 says:

    I can't understand English trying too take Sexton out. don't the even care about his safety and the upcoming lion's tour

  19. Lee Boyall says:


  20. How is it the greatest championship in rugby when only one team in the competition has ever won win world cup? one time..

  21. Garces is piss weak at reffing

  22. Hartley clears out Sexton on 2.27. His whole body is off the he ground as he dives over the ruck then belly flops. Luckily for Sexton Hartley accidently blocks a bigger hit by big Billy! Play on!

  23. I made a motivational video for Irish Rugby on my channel! Have a look and let me know what you think! cheers #Ireland2023

  24. velyan12 says:

    Well played to Ireland, they really ground that game out. Looks like NH rugby is really coming along, which should make for an interesting lions tour to NZ

  25. Chris 1 says:

    England played badly and Ireland won simple. Ireland weren't good they just where better on the day.

  26. Sad to see England not playing as their usual selves this game.. No line out contesting, weak support in rucks, kept kicking away possession and too much attention spent on trying to take sexton out the game rather than just out playing them.. It could have been such a great game, instead it was a disappointing match to watch. Personally i cared more about not beating New Zealand's win streak the most.. Well played by Ireland though, they deserved to win that game.. poor performance from England :'( gutted

  27. Chef Chef says:

    There's only 4 teams in the world that can on there day win the world cup they are Ireland wales England and the all blacks . France south Africa and Australia haven't a hope there gone back wards . Australia are as bad as Canada now . When us Irish play Australia we no its a win its just a matter of how many points we score

  28. Very Average game, Ireland played well and keep england down ,,, but to push and win a 19th straight game England need to really play hard in the first 15 minutes of the first half , but couldn't ,,, Ireland once they sniff blood and made a game of it the same as when they played the all blacks in chicargo ,, good on you Ireland and good luck for the 6 nations next year and i hope we see a lot of you picked to go to New Zealand for the Lions Series.

  29. Has to be the most awkward looking trophy presentation ever, smile clearly painted onto Hartley's face, they obviously didn't want to be there after losing the record and the grand slam.

  30. Mitchell says:

    “if England were to play Ireland another 10 times, they would win six of them”
    “New Zealand are there for the taking,”
    The All Blacks "had to have a very kind referee to get them home" in the 2011 final against France at Eden Park.

    Eddie fucking Jones … what a tosser

    England have won 1 GAME vs the All Blacks in 15 test – why is there so much disrespect for the All Blacks – MY OPINION, it comes from Jealousy….

    Does anyone remember when Jones had a “world cup winning” squad only to loose seven straight matches, then at the end of their European tour they lost eight of the last nine matches, then fired in 2005. He talks too much shit to ever take him seriously.

  31. yeah abz still hold the record hahaha shot Ireland lol

  32. As an English supporter I have to say that the silence from the Irish crowd whilst Farrell was taking his kicks was sublime, can't say I've seen that before, especially from an English crowd

  33. EDDIE! Next Time Please!


  34. England should stop taking out sexton

  35. Most of the lions this summer will be English and Welsh players.

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