Extended Highlights: Wales v Italy | NatWest 6 Nations

Extended Highlights: Wales v Italy | NatWest 6 Nations

Updated: 05/12/2022

Watch the extended highlights as Wales hosted Italy at Principality Stadium in the final match of Round Four.


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12 thoughts on “Extended Highlights: Wales v Italy | NatWest 6 Nations”

  1. Mr Khatib says:

    Football vs rugby which is better comment
    Rugby in my opinion

  2. Awful game for Liam Williams, Welsh pack were decent but look less than imposing without AWJ

  3. Taurimenio says:

    It let me think….why many italian players play with different european clubs at hi level and, when the play for Italy they look like as the first experience????

  4. Ale says:

    Minozzi made a great try

  5. williams intentional dangerous tackle = red card

  6. Teo says:

    Ma placcare si può… Si?

  7. pepper says:

    don't know why italy can't win more games

  8. Hadleigh Parkes first ever try for Wales? I think not.

  9. Dan Hadley says:

    It wasn’t hadleigh first ever try for wales it was his third he scored 2 against South Africa in the autumn

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