Epic Welsh Defence Part 1, Wales v Ireland, 14th March 2015

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Watch a phenomenal defensive effort by Wales as they hold out phase after phase of an Irish attack in yesterday’s RBS 6 Nations Round 4 clash.

For more clips from Wales v Ireland, click here


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29 Responses to “Epic Welsh Defence Part 1, Wales v Ireland, 14th March 2015”

  1. Wales beat Ireland even then, when they were a better team than they are now in 2019. Amazing that ppl thought Ire would beat Wales in Cardiff in a grand slam decider.

  2. Remember going back home thru customs at the ferry ' they had put a cardboard box with ' collection for ref barnes written in it out brought a smile to our faces

  3. why welsh can't take the ball from Irish team?I'm trying to understand the rules,but no youtuber told what is successful defense and how to change to offside position after defense??????=(((((((

  4. This is déjà vu because Wales defended excellently against Ireland this year when the scores were 15-9 to Wales, Wayne Barnes was the ref and it's in the Principality Stadium

  5. I took my daughter to the game – Ireland fans – and the roar from the Welsh after the turnover was amazing!…..We were desparate for an Irish try but huge respect to the heroic welsh defence…..and the supporters with them in every tackle…

  6. Fantastic discipline by both sides, fantastic defense even with the fact we we had no cutting edge at all, the tackling statistics were immense. See ye in Dublin next year 😉

  7. +Reza Montazer When the ball carrier (Ireland in this case) goes to ground, Irish players stand over the carrier creating a 'ruck'.  When a ruck is formed the defensive team (Wales) cannot touch or take the ball.  If that happens a penalty will be awarded to Ireland and a possible yellow card could be handed to the Welsh player who touch the ball (a yellow card is called a 'sin bin' and sends the player off the field for 10 minutes)

    The defending team can try and cause an offensive penalty but creating a counter ruck before the Irish ruck is form.  That would cause the Irish ball carrier to 'hold on' to the ball, which is an offence and will award a penalty in the defenders favour as you're not allow to hold on to the ball once you've been tackled.

    Each tackle is a phase and for Wales to go through 30-odd phases is just relentless as when you've tackled you have to get back up again.

  8. If any more evidence was needed of how bad the Irish are ball in hand, this is it. 1 pass bash, 1 pass bash. Great defending by the Welsh but talk about uninspiring Irish attack. Ireland win through tight defense and penalties. If they can't get penalties and they can't win a kicking game convincingly, they get stuffed.

  9. +Reza Montazer When the TACKLED player goes to ground its a Ruck the TACKLER has to release the TACKLED player and get out of the way, the TACKLED player must then release the ball back to his team normally the Scrum Half (NO.9). They only way the other team can get their hands on the ball is to go straight through the middle of the Ruck and be ON their feet. That's why you will see the players from the team with possession grab the other teams players and roll them over so they are then Off their feet. If they try to get the ball when they are lying down or on their knees (Off their Feet) they will be penalised. 

    Also If the TACKLER does not get out the way after a tackle it's a Penalty (Not Rolling away) and if the TACKLER holds on to the ball when some one is trying to grab the ball and they are on their feet it's a penalty (Not Releasing) which is why the penalty is given at the end. 

    Watch it again a couple of times once you understand it it's a lot more entertaining to watch. 

    BTW it's only the tip of the iceberg with rules/laws in Rugby, which puts a lot of people off the game.

  10. Cukbye, you speak a load of shit!  The Northern Hemisphere game differs from that of the Southern, but your comments are meaningless.  If you cannot see that both sides played excellent rugby then you re not qualified to comment.  Wales had to win this game against a team that has play fantastic recently and they did just that! 

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