England and Ireland fans after Ireland’s Grand Slam on Super Saturday!! | NatWest 6 Nations

England and Ireland fans after Ireland's Grand Slam on Super Saturday!! | NatWest 6 Nations

Updated: 27/06/2022

Watch England and Ireland fans on their day at Twickenham at the final match of Super Saturday 2018!


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20 thoughts on “England and Ireland fans after Ireland’s Grand Slam on Super Saturday!! | NatWest 6 Nations”

  1. Dave Clery says:

    Nothing against England are English people….but Eddie Jones is a fucking monkey the English must feed the cunt bananas…he calls the Irish scummy and leaperchuns but he uses theses words as defence mechanism to block out the fact he a shit head coach how England have him there it's laughable…OMG…run the we Australian cunt…

  2. Yeah boi Belmullet! Coláiste Uisce!!! Is aoibhinn liom í.

  3. Brilliant match, well done the Irish. Can’t help but respect the passionate supporters of both sides for their behaviour. Watched and played by adults, this is how real people behave at a sporting venue.

  4. everyone was friendly because football fans are scumbags

  5. TriCo HD says:

    Respect to these wonderful fans, that are true representatives of Ireland.

  6. I could be wrong? but the woman asking about the Ireland and England game. Seems to be so serious? She had no laughing or any friendliness to her. It like she didn't want to know about anything they had to say.

  7. Youtumor says:

    shame the irish are so racist

  8. Love these English fans. That cunt manager is the only one who gives off such a horrible taste.

  9. guyhvcking says:

    Massive respect to Ireland

  10. These are real Rugby fans. Yobbery and the savage low mind has no place in Rugby.

  11. I just bought NBC Gold $79 to watch the 6 Nations. I love the 6 Nations. What a great tournament.

  12. Lovely to see. The England fans were very sporting and gracious and didn't begrudge Ireland the win or the Grand Slam. World Cup next year and everything to play for

  13. Ian Walsh says:

    To the man from Belmullet…Mayo lost the All Ireland to Cavan in 48

  14. Tom Kelly says:

    Nice reactions…great game great sport….no bad feelings… Bring on 2019 WC

  15. 1:30 look at the couple in the background at the left they look proper depressed

  16. Sam Spade says:

    You never beat the Irish.

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