Colts vs. 49ers

Colts vs. 49ers – Side with San Francisco to get Win on Sunday

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Colts vs. 49ers

Sunday, 8 October Colts vs. 49ers

This weekend the Colts face off with with the San Francisco 49ers at home to close out their 2017 NFC West schedule. There are few reasons for Colts and 49ers fans to ever really give a great deal of thought about each other. The only way the two teams will ever meet is in the Super Bowl, they are nowhere close to one another in proximity, and they will only play each other once every four years.

San Francisco has undergone a house cleaning that saw a bitter break up between Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers front office, a replacement in Chip Kelly that didn’t pan out and left the team somehow in an even worse position, and the team finally hit the reset button with a new GM and new head coach.

The Indianapolis Colts had a great deal of success under Bill Polian, Tony Dungy, and Jim Caldwell but moved on to a failed project with Ryan Grigson and, to this point, Chuck Pagano. Still, the franchise is in the middle of a massive reset that includes an almost entirely new defense, a little bit more patience from fans who realize that it will take a year or two to complete the change, and some budding promise about the direction the franchise is heading.

There is a whole lot going on in Indianapolis this weekend harking back to the golden days with Peyton Manning and the not too distant history of dominating the division and always being in the hunt for playoff relevance. Interestingly enough, 49ers fans will be able to relate.

These two teams are going to give each other their very best shot, of that we can be sure. Somehow though, these two fan communities will have a bond that they might not even realize in terms of how they feel about their team, the direction, and how frustrated they are about what has recently occurred to see their beloved franchises fall out of favor.

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