Championship Picks 2021 Bills v Chiefs, Buccaneers v Packers

Championship Picks 2021 & Preview - Bills vs Chiefs & Buccaneers vs Packers

Updated: 14/06/2024

We have finally made it to the Conference Championship games during this wild and intense 2020 NFL season. There are only four team remaining in the playoff race and only one of those teams will be claiming victory in the Super Bowl two weeks from now.

Conference Championship Preview & Picks

Let’s go over the Championship games and try to figure out which two teams will face off in the big game!

Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs

Sunday 01/24 – 06:40 PM

Championship Picks 2021 - Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs

Bills Offense

The Bills offense is almost entirely made up of just one player.

Quarterback Josh Allen has been so impactful for this young and tough football team that it has sprung him into the conversation for the MVP award by the time this season comes to a close. He throws the ball on nearly every offensive play as can even make magic happen on the ground when he decides to tuck the ball and take off.

He has gotten a tremendous boost from the team’s offseason trade to bring in star wide receiver Stefon Diggs and it has allowed Allen to be more confident while passing the ball now that he has a reliable number one target in this offense.

However, like all teams this offense has a major flaw, and that flaw is in the run game.

They have absolutely zero rushing attack no matter who is taking the handoffs, not to mention the fact that they barely even try to run the football when it doesn’t work the first few times.

If they want a chance at taking down this Chiefs, they have to establish a dominant rushing attack to kill some clock and avoid giving Patrick Mahomes more time to operate his offense. But this unit is definitely very talented and could compete with the Chiefs even without a rushing attack.

Chiefs Defense

On the other side of this matchup is the Chiefs defense that is surprisingly very talented all around despite having so much talent on the offensive end.

They have a great safety duo in Tyrann Mathieu and Daniel Sorensen, with the two being veterans and giving much needed leadership for a team that has a very young secondary outside of those two.

They also happen to have two of the best players in the league on the defensive line in defensive tackle Chris Jones and edge rusher Frank Clark.

The combination of those two players has caused nightmares for opposing offense and could wreak havoc in the Bills run game, forcing them to get all of their yardage through the air which won’t be easy with their secondary.

This unit’s biggest weakness is in their linebackers though. While they have talented players at the position, they aren’t the type of players to completely alter the course of a game with their impacts. They are all solid players but can be exposed by Allen and the Bills if the Chiefs aren’t careful.

Chiefs Offense

If there was ever an offense that you can take with 100 percent certainty it would be this Chiefs offense.

They have a generational talent at the quarterback position with Patrick Mahomes throwing the football, his ability to escape bad situations and accuracy make him by far the best at the position right now after winning the MVP during their championship run last season.

But what could be better than having an all-pro quarterback that can lead your team? Having an all-pro quarterback throw the ball to multiple all-pro receivers and a fantastic offensive line. The Chiefs were able to pair Mahomes with Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, two of the most un-guardable players at their respective positions and it has shown these last three years.

Expect each of those guys to make a huge impact in this ball game as there is no linebacker or safety that can match Kelce with his route running and insane catch radius.

when half of their secondary is going to be watching Hill with his incredible speed that can take the top off of any defense in the league. Now sprinkle on a great running back duo in former all-pro Le’Veon Bell and rookie sensation Clyde Edwards Helaire and you have yourself an offense that is by far the best in the league.

It is going to take a lot of preparation and luck to take down this Chiefs offense, but the Bills are up to the task, either way, watch out for this offense.

Bills Defense

This Buffalo defense is a unit that has tremendously improved over the course of the season behind their incredible speed on all three levels.

Their safety duo is among the best in the league with Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde, arguably being the fastest duo in the league also and it makes them a threat all over the field even if it seems like they are out of the play.

Then you look down and see that they have an elite group of linebackers with Terrell Edmunds and Matt Milano. Those two guys are excellent in coverage and have fantastic tackling skills that avoid giving up big plays and missed opportunities.

Lastly, we have their defensive line that fluctuates quite often due to their coaching staff wanting to keep their starters fresh in ever game. But that has actually proved to be a great decision as veteran guys like Jerry Hughes have been amazing all season with the extra rest this season and it helps those younger guys get some valuable reps in before the end of the season.

They may struggle against this Chiefs offense due to how explosive they are but if there is any defense that can track down Hill and Kelce it is this one.

Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs Final Prediction

The Chiefs biggest question mark heading into this matchup is the health of Patrick Mahomes, he was tackled awkwardly in the second half of their last game and was ruled out with a concussion.

It is yet to be known if he will make it onto the field and without Mahomes at quarterback the Bills will be able to win this game pretty easily.

However, assuming Mahomes gets onto the field, they are the clear-cut favorites to make it out of this game victorious with their insane number of weapons on both sides of the football.

However, I wouldn’t sleep on this Buffalo team that seems to be on a mission behind Allen and Diggs. I actually like the Bills in this matchup, but it is just too hard to bet against Mahomes and Andy Reid after their success the past three season.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Green Bay Packers

Sunday 01/24 – 03:05 PM

Championship Picks 2021 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Green Bay Packers

Buccaneers Offense

This Tampa Bay offense is completely different compared to last season and most of that is due to the influx of talent they picked up in the offseason. That included one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, LeSean McCoy, Leonard Fournette and Antonio Browns.

Add that onto the other weapons they already had, and a strong offensive line and you instantly get yourself a Super Bowl contending team. They have been just that so far this season and seem to have found a way to further improve during this second half of the season, currently sitting on a big winning streak entering this matchup.

They are going to get a lot of good looks in this game due to the Packers not being able to defend against all of their weapons throughout the entire game, so expect this Buccaneers team to score a good number of points.

It is never a good idea to doubt Brady though, as that was on display once again last week against the New Orleans Saints.

Packers Defense

The Packers defense has been up and down so far this season, but they looked terrific last week against the Los Angeles Rams.

They have two veteran safeties that bring leadership and intelligence to a unit that is fairly young all around. They also have Jaire Alexander, one of the best cornerbacks in the league right now.

Throughout the entire game against the Rams, he had only allowed negative three yards total. That was the least number of yards allowed in one game since 2006 and you can expect a similar performance this week as he is seemingly on a roll right now at the perfect time.

Their strength is in their linebackers though as their veteran leader Za’Darius Smith is a force in pass rush along with being solid when dropping back into coverage.

Overall, this defense isn’t anything flashy or spectacular, but it is very difficult to put up points against them as their passing defense is off the charts right now.

However, they are going to need to prepare their defensive line as this unit happens to be one of the worst run stopping teams in the league heading into this matchup against a Buccaneers team that wants to dominate in the run game.

Packers Offense

Aaron Rodgers. There isn’t much explanation needed when trying to describe this offense and what makes this unit one of the best in the league.

Rodgers is currently a future Hall of Fame quarterback that is destined to win the MVP award by the time this season is all wrapped up and there is so much reason as to how.

He has been fantastic all season long and doing it with little weapons surrounding him after the team opted to draft positions that didn’t help the longtime veteran in this past offseason. Although he was supported by one of the best wide receivers in the NFL this season in Davante Adams, with his insane route running ability and terrific hands making him nearly un-guardable.

This offense isn’t just those guys though as their offensive line is one of the best groups in the league and has been a huge factor in their blossoming run game behind Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon. They complement each other perfectly and may cause some problems on Tampa Bays rushing defense throughout the game.

Buccaneers Defense

Last but not least we have the Tampa Bay defense that was able to force four turnovers in their Divisional Round game against the Saints last week.

Their safeties are two young and fast players that include the rookie Antoine Winfield Jr. But that isn’t all on their defense as they have possibly the best group of linebackers in the NFL behind longtime great Lavonte David along with rookie star Devin White who also happens to have the speed of a safety when he takes off.

Those guys are excellent in coverage and great in run defense, making them a threat no matter what play you call on offense.

This is also a unit that is ranked number one in the league in rushing defense behind their fantastic defensive line that is made up of a number of high-quality players fluctuating in and out of the rotation.

Somehow, that group is going to be getting an even bigger boost this weekend if their starting defensive tackle Vita Vea is able to make an appearance after missing the last couple games with an injury.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Green Bay Packers Final Prediction

The Buccaneers completely whooped the Packers in Tampa Bay earlier in the season, but I feel like that game was an outlier for a Packers team that has been so good all season long.

Not to mention the fact that this ball game is taking place in freezing temperatures in Lambeau Field, something that Rodgers and this Green Bay team are very familiar with while the Buccaneers aren’t.

Green Bay is also coming off a game which saw them put up over 400 offensive yards and 32 points against the number one defense in the league while the Buccaneers struggled quite a bit on offense in their last game despite the win.

Which is a major factor in this game that a lot of people may not see, Brady and this offense was having such a hard time putting points on the board throughout the game until their defense was able to force a turnover.

That would worry me as a Buccaneers fan and I truly believe that nobody is stopping Rodgers this season as he is a man on a mission. Take the Packers this weekend.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

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