Racing Postcast: 16-04-18

Racing Postcast: 16-04-18

Updated: 28/02/2024

The Elliott/Mullins dominance of the Grand National and the sport of National Hunt racing as a whole is a major topic of debate on today's show. Is it damaging for the game? Can anything be done to change it? The panel also reflect on the brilliant Tiger Roll and look ahead to the Craven meeting at Newmarket. Maddy Playle is joined by Tom Segal, Nick Watts and Betfred's Paul Binfield.


02:14 – Grand National reflections
05:55 – Elliott and Mullins dominance
09:30 – Grand National eyecatchers
13:10 – Other Aintree highlights
17:33 – Competition time
18:16 – Craven meeting preview
22:05 – Classic trials at Leopardstown
29:55 – Scottish National


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7 thoughts on “Racing Postcast: 16-04-18”

  1. So basically the standard of the National has gotten a lot better and Tom can't be bothered with it anymore?

  2. Xia Pete says:

    Top trainers have dominated races for years ,so don’t understand what all the waffles about Mullins or Elliot is about.They are the best at the moment the formula one of jump racing.

  3. spike c says:

    Tom is right good that he's speaking out on racing post

  4. Totally agree with Tom Segal, this jumps season been mostly disappointing. Boring to see the same trainers winning everything

  5. s askew says:

    Agree with Tom on Geraghty ride though. Barry taking the brave route NOT.
    I cannot believe that professionals cannot see that his bottle has gone. I don't blame him mind, but he has definitely lost his heart a little bit.

  6. s askew says:

    Tom Segal, sounding mardy and hypocritical. can't fathom who might win ? but thought it predictable that elliott and mullins dominated.
    No horses died and good jumpers fell, so it's safer and you still gotta jump round.
    Wrong on this subject Tom by a long way.
    And other trainers have good horses, but willie and Gordon are better. simple as that.

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