Handicapping tools/picks for Keeneland Horse Racing

Handicapping tools/picks for Keeneland Horse Racing

Updated: 13/04/2024

Keeneland Horse Racing

I'm probably best described as a casual fan of the sport, going to the races once or twice a year and then betting the triple crown races. By no means am I an expert handicapper but I know my way around a program.

[fcrp_feat_sc sc_id=”18347″] I'm going to Keeneland this weekend and was interested in getting something to supplement my handicapping. I know it won't be anything groundbreaking, but does anyone have any advice on what to pick up so I can key in on things that I might otherwise miss in my handicapping? I was thinking the F.A.S.T. sheets, but am willing to look into most anything and pay a little bit. I realize I'm probably paying to be told that favorites will win, but am looking for a little support nonetheless.

Keeneland Horse Racing Answers to Tools and Picks advice

Google Louisville Thoroughbred Society Pressbox and check out the picks Gene McLean’s sharing for free on that site. He’s having a solid meet so far and you could do worse than consulting his page.

Thanks for sharing this. I've checked out some of his stuff and he has done pretty well. I like betting a single horse and then an exacta, which is what he seems to do. I will probably use some of his handicapping and restructure his bets a bit.

You’re welcome. I like the accompanying commentary where he provides his rationale. He’s opened my eyes to a couple horses I had passed over in the PPs. I’ve found his winners to be pretty easy picks, but the next two horses sometimes come at a decent price.

I followed his picks all day today. Seems like he doesn’t go too far against the grain with the first pick but will have a top three where there is some real value. He had a miserable day today, but hit like five winners and two very sizeable exactas with those two other value horses last week. I may try to structure some exotics with that top three or so tomorrow.

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Any of the companies that provide past performances, DRF or Brisnet, for example also have a tip shit you can pay for. RacingDudes.com does a premium sheet in addition to their free tips.

My advice would be to find a Keeneland local online who just does a Keeneland tip sheet. The other folks do tips for every race running in North America everyday, so just due to sheer volume I doubt their accuracy.

Who has the best local Keeneland sheet? No clue.

Keeneland dan generally has good pay picks, but he’s been a little cold this meet at keeneland. Personally, I like Katie Gensler’s picks in the keeneland app – just be mindful that those picks are generally 24-48 hours prior to the race so they don’t take into consideration conditions or scratches.

Also – stay away from the “betologist” and Batagllia picks in the newspaper. Both pick options seem to be overbet and lose a tremendous amount of value.

Regardless, enjoy the weekend!

Joe Kristufek is my favourite guy to tail when I'm in that mode where I just want to bet races.

I am an intermediate handicapper. I typically spend a couple hours the night before the races to go through the PPs and make my picks and go or watch/handicap races 15-20 times a year. However, recently I went to a track while on vacation and didn't feel like spending all that time prepping. So I bought a DRF EasyForm. It has more limited information and some of the typical information from a DRF PP is condensed. It included some basic summaries of the races and some picks. I didn't love it, because some of the information I like to rely on was missing (even though I wasn't preparing in advance), but it is one resource that can give you a bit of guidance without having the whole form in from of you. It was only like $3, so might be worth a try. You can view a sample of it on DRF.com.

You can usually find free picks, but those are probably worth what you pay for them. I play Santa Anita every weekend and there are a few free pick sources that I use as a last resort if I am trying to pick between two horses or eliminate a horse from a pick 4 type ticket to save money but that is about it.

Then there are tip sheets you pay for, which are often either terrible or at times can be pretty good. Racingdudes.com's tip sheet was already mentioned and I have heard good things about them from friends that have used them in the past. Plus, I believe that they are offering a month of tip sheets for the price of 1 right now (meaning that you can get a Kentucky Derby tip sheet in addition to your Keeneland sheet for the weekend – which could be helpful if you want to bet on the Derby).

Brisnet Ultimate PPs w/ comments is the best form guide out there but you really need to learn what all the little numbers mean!

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