About AC the Horse Racing Tipster Plus Tips on Picking Winners

Updated: 24/06/2024

Sportingways AC Horse Racing tipsterHi I'm AC and I have been backing the horses for over 20 years. Throughout that time I have perfected my approach to become a regular winner from horse betting. Concentrating almost solely on handicap horse races and of a certain quality has meant eliminating poor horse races where the horses efforts and possibly the jockey's, may come into question.

My key criteria for selecting Horse Racing Tips:

  • Handicap horse races C14 or above
  • 2/1 or better odds
  • Course and Distance form a must
  • Proven Jockey form

It is important to remember that a successful gambler knows when not to bet. If you are in control of your emotions when it comes to placing your horse racing bets then you are more likely to be successful. In light of this it is advisable to follow these simple rules.

  • Do not chase your losses. There will always be another day's opportunities where you can find quality tips to back rather than throwing your money away in the hope of recouping losses on poor horses and races.
  • Never bet with more than you can lose. You won't enjoy betting on the horses if you have more than you can afford riding on a horse. The risks are too great, don't do it. Betting on the horses is great fun and can be rewarding too if done with the right approach.
  • Stick to a betting bank formula of x 30 what you can afford to lose. So if you were to bet at £1 win only stakes you could cover £30 of losses. You should be hopeful of obtaining a winner before a 30 losing streak to top up your betting balance.
  • Follow my free horse racing tips advice every day and you will pick up some big priced winners. I love backing the big outsiders and getting winners like 33/1, 16/1, 20/1. The trick is to be patient and stick to level stakes which you can afford. This will enable maximum pleasure from backing my free horse racing bets.

I proof all my horse racing tips to two independent sites. Racingvalues and Racing-index.com

Good luck with all your horse racing bets. AC

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