2013 Grand National: Dave Orton – 1-2-3-4

2013 Grand National: Dave Orton - 1-2-3-4

Updated: 29/05/2023

The Racing Post's expert tipster gives us his 1-2-3-4 for this year's John Smith's Grand National.


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14 thoughts on “2013 Grand National: Dave Orton – 1-2-3-4”

  1. DUCSDREAM says:

    RE Smack ThatBaboon.You have never seen any horse let alone a racehorse shot in the back of the head.You are talking absolute rubbish,I have either owned,raced or worked with horses for 50+years and I can say the number of times I have seen horses shot you could count on the fingers of one hand!!The statement you made about putting down horses proves to me that you have NEVER witnessed such action!!

  2. Segal put up Chicago Grey and he's right in column this morning, new national fences nightmare for punters!? Never would've backed that winner…good mark or not!

  3. if you've ever been to, or worked with the races you would know horses are often putdown in most cases shot in the back of the head if there not needed retired or came in a losing position unfortunately i've seen this far to much!

  4. Hugh Jarse says:

    the death toll you say in the grand national , what was that amount today then ?

  5. Hugh Jarse says:

    a tipster that knows the winners on a regular basis would never in a million years pass the info on , whether for free or not , tipsters are probably the oldest " profession " in the world apart from the other obvious one that is ….

  6. Hugh Jarse says:

    you would not love it if you had backed his " EXPERT " tips would you ?

  7. Hugh Jarse says:

    if he follows his own tips with his own cash ( which he wont ) LOL… he will be in the poor house very soon , betting shops and las vegas were not built on winning gamblers

  8. Hugh Jarse says:

    i didnt lose cos i dont bet , so what makes you think i have lost ? , i can go to a dance hall but i dont have to dance do i ? but i hate this type of experts giving tips , if they know the winners why tell anyone ?

  9. Hugh Jarse says:

    well forecast and true as it appened ….i dont think any of them even finished in the first 10 let alone the first 4 , and that included the favourite …what a sad deluded loser " expert " this man is if he thinks he will ever beat the bookies …all these betting shops that keep springing up in the UK are not built on the backs of winning punters are they ?

  10. Hugh Jarse says:

    i didnt ever say they did did i ? thats why i dont even bother with them and never have or will , anyone " in the know " would never sell their golden goose would they, whether it is you me or whoever as it would bring the odds down massively , so the original post of mine proves correct of course

  11. Hugh Jarse says:

    another tipster that could not even tip rubbish …..as this video proved

  12. Dave Besag says:

    another tipster that could not even tip rubbish …..as this video proved

  13. Phinster 1 says:

    none of they 4 will even finish in top 4 ..

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