2011 John Smith's Grand National Preview

2011 John Smith's Grand National Preview

Updated: 29/02/2024

Horseracing experts Graham Dench (Chief analyst, Racing Post) & Nick Watts Racing & Football Outlook) join Lee Mottershead (Racing Post) to look ahead to the 2011 John Smith's Grand National at Aintree.
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20 thoughts on “2011 John Smith's Grand National Preview”

  1. @nicck All I hear is a whiny misanthrope who has no real come back.

  2. @nicck You're just too fucking thick to come up with an intelligent response.

  3. N C-K says:

    @12Antoniobu If you're going to change the context of my words than eat shit and die. Kiss my firm anus.

  4. @horseygal131 so do i but its just part of this sport i have seen flat races and a horse has broken itss leg and had to be put down, so its not just this race

  5. @horseygal131 yep but it was a very hot day for a national day, so thats why the other horses were waterd down. but the latest is that the horses were running at a too fast pace for the size of jumps they were jumping.
    And i can see where everyone is comming from

  6. @xAzZa1 Are you blind? I have no dout the horses are well treated out side the track i did not say anything about that what i said was both the riders and the grand national are cruel to horses and i stick by it.

  7. Rhia Noel says:

    Horses are beautiful, majestic animals that have helped and worked with us through time. The deserve apprieciation.Any horse racing drives the horses and most horse-lovers insane . The horses get made into dog food when they are 'worthless'. They rarley go to good homes. This Is HORSE-SLAUGHTER.

  8. Andy Hay. says:

    why would want horses to die ?

  9. N C-K says:

    And I find it ironic that you're basking in cutting up the horse and boiling it while calling me evil. You are clearly deranged.

  10. N C-K says:

    @12Antoniobu I have sympathy for human beings who are victims, and I give a hell of a damn what's going on in the world, whereas you probably have no idea to start off with. This jockey knew exactly what he was doing…why should I care? Why should I care about evel knievel? You haven't acknowledged that running an animal to death is even slightly immoral. You must take the bibles words pretty damn seriously, in which case you're a mindless numpty anyway.

  11. N C-K says:

    @12Antoniobu The Jockey knew what he was doing. By all means, he's the reason he's in hospital. The horses? Used like machines and discarded like them. Fuck the jockey, I have no sympathy for people willingly putting themselves in danger for such ancient, sad "entertainment".

  12. They're just horses you know. People are all worked up over a couple of dead nags and nobody gives a shit about the young jockey fighting for his life in hospital.

  13. hotsilio says:

    On my opinion its a cruel and barbaric "sport" and it should be banned. A lot of horses dies and get injured because of the "sport". I'm danish and I have always hated steeplechase as it's cruelty to animals on my opinion. Spain and other countries finally have started to ban bull fighting … about time that Australia and England do the same.

  14. xAzZa1 says:


    What evidence are you using to claim that a light whip hurts a muscley, well-bred horse. The horse gets treated extremely well outside of the race, and is kept very healthy.

  15. If not for the money this sport would and should be band. The jokey that won should have that wip put across his ass .

  16. inya1lake says:

    As a sport Steeplechasing runs a close second to bullfighting

  17. drwho136 says:

    i CAME 3RD Horse(sont Push It ) 2011…!!!!!!!!

  18. this is great got me ticket all the best from RobotRuss

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