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Updated: 29/05/2024

world cup 2010World Cup Predictions Week 3 and Correct Scores

by Doug Martin

World Cup Preview: Week 3 Part 1:

World Cup Preview: Week 3 Part 2:

World Cup Fixtures: June 22nd (Tuesday) ~ 25th (Friday) 2010:

Match: 41 Group “E” – New Zealand – Paraguay: (Thursday June 24th 3pm):

New Zealand somehow but deservedly held the World Champions Italy to a 1-1 draw on Sunday. It was no fluke as Italy were very poor. What summed up the game for me and the difference in the sides resources was the second half sub for New Zealand who because he was a part time player worked in a bank in Wellington. Brilliant but not the working for a bank bit. It seems that Italy have lowered themselves to England’s level of bad football. I would hate to see a game played between England and Italy if it they played each other. Paraguay beat Slovakia 2-0 on Sunday which means they are top of the group with just the one game to play. They should qualify into the next round bar some really bad luck. Paraguay now face New Zealand with both sides hoping for the right result to get out of this group. Can’t believe that New Zealand are in such a position after two games when I didn’t even think they would score a goal in this world cup let alone draw their first two games. I think that Paraguay will win but it will be a low scoring game I suspect.

Result Prediction: Paraguay to win

Score Prediction: Paraguay 2 New Zealand 0

Match 42: Group “E” – Italy – Slovakia: (Thursday June 24th 3pm):

Italy are now in a real fight to stay in this years World cup after two very disappointing results, the latest being a 1-1 draw with the might of New Zealand who are ranked lower than the “Isle of Man”. Italy need to get their act together and fast or they are going to go out. They drew all their games in 1982 and somehow qualified out of their group but then went onto win the World cup. Could history repeat it self? I don’t think so. Slovakia lost 2-0 to Paraguay on Sunday and must be considered favourites to not qualify from this group. I think that Italy will win this game and go through with Paraguay. Paraguay have not played very good football as they have sneaked goals in games and just sat back after scoring. Italy on the other hand have just been poor but then in the last world cup I felt that anyway and they went onto win the trophy. In other words what the hell do I know? I think this will be a boring game with Italy like their other two games trying to break the other side down. This should make for boring TV but you won’t here that from the TV commentator on the day as he will try to make you feel as if you are watching the best game ever.

Result Prediction: Italy to win

Score Prediction: Italy 2 Slovakia 0

Match 43: Group “F” – Holland – Cameroon: (Thursday June 24th 7.30pm):

This game is a dead rubber. Holland have qualified after beating Japan 1-0 (as I predicted) and Cameroon are out after losing to Denmark 2-1after they had taken the lead. They played well against Denmark and created plenty of chances but lady luck was not on their side. They now face Holland in a game that means nothing to both sides so predicting the result could be difficult especially as both sides might not play their full strength sides. I think that Cameroon will be gutted at going out and could be affected by in confidence. We will see. Holland have done well to qualify and I wish England could have a bit of whatever they have. Holland could be one of the dark horses in this world cup as they always play good football. In the last European Championships they played really well in the group games but came undone against a Russian side that beat them 3-1 after Extra time. They will be hoping for better luck in their first knockout game. I will as well as long as they are not playing England of course. A Dutch win as they will be relaxed.

Result Prediction: Holland to win

Score Prediction: Holland 2 Cameroon 0

Match 44: Group “F” – Denmark – Japan: (Thursday June 24th 7.30pm):

Denmark had a great 2-1 win against Cameroon in their second game which knocked out Cameroon and has given the Danes the chance of reaching the knockout stage if they can beat Japan in this game. It won’t be easy for them as Japan have played well so far. Japan only lost their last game 1-0 to Holland after beating Cameron 2-0 in their first game, this means that both sides are on two points going into this game. I think that Denmark will win this game but it will be close and their should be a few goals as both sides play attacking football and don’t like to defend which is good for football and themselves I suspect as no player must want to play a defensive system. I suggest you watch this game and others but avoid the England game as it will be too painful trying to Watch England as they struggle to beat Slovenia and in my opinion fail. A nice to game to watch then and Denmark to win and maybe just maybe they will do what they did in 1992 in the European Championships. If you are too young to remember 1992 then ask your Dad.

Result Prediction: Denmark to win

Score Prediction: Denmark 2 Japan 1

Match 45: Group “G” – North Korea – Ivory Coast: (Friday June 25th 3pm):

North Korea did well against Brazil in their first game and won a lot of new friends with the way they played, me included but they came back down to earth with a massive bump by losing 7-0 to Portugal. It goes without saying that I predicted North Korea to lose the game beforehand but not by such a big margin. Shame I missed the game as I would have liked to have seen the goals. Ivory Coast went down 3-1 to a useful looking Brazil side who must be as always one of the Favourites for the World Cup. North Korea have nothing to lose in this game as they are out of the World cup as are the Ivory Coast more or less as they are not really going to win this game by a really high margin to overtake Portugal if they lose to Brazil. Portugal’s goals against North Korea have more or less given them an extra point. Hard to say which way this game will go but I think that Ivory Coast will win but they will not be going any further in this World cup. Another African side going home early which is a shame. I can only say one thing to North Korea and that is “You’re going home in a veil of secrecy” Copyright “The Danny Baker Show”.

Result Prediction: Ivory Coast to win

Score Prediction: Ivory Coast 2 North Korea 0

Match 46: Group “G” – Brazil – Portugal: (Friday June 25th 3pm):

Brazil are through to the next round as are Portugal more or less because of their massive goal difference. This again is a difficult to predict as I think that Portugal will be aiming to avoid a heavy defeat so that they can go through. Brazil will play to win as they always do and because of that I think they will win but I don’t think it will be a heavy scoring game. There shouldn’t be a language problem between the sides as the national language of Brazil is of course Portuguese. Who says that you don’t learn through football prediction articles? I probably will watch this game down the pub as I will almost certainly drowning my sorrows after England have gone out on Wednesday. This of course means that I will probably not remember the game and will have to check the score the following day with a hangover. What a dreadful life for us poor football writers. A Brazil win and let’s hope somebody knocks them out so that someone new can win the World Cup as I am fed up with them doing so well all the time.

Result Prediction: Brazil to win

Score Prediction: Brazil 2 Portugal 0

Match 47: Group “H” – Chile – Spain: (Friday June 25th 7.30pm):

I watched Spain on Monday night beat Honduras and I thought they were really impressive. Their football is a joy to watch. Along with Argentina they are the two sides that impressed me the most in this World Cup. Spain won 2-0 (as I predicted) and poor old Honduras just didn’t know what day it was. The score could have been so much worse for them as Spain missed a penalty as well as missing so many chances that It makes you wonder what sort of scoreline it would have been if they has taken their chances. Chile beat Switzerland 1-0 to more or less qualify for the next round. This could be a tough game for Spain as Chile are playing well and this is backed up by their maximum points tally so far. If Spain had not somehow lost to Switzerland then this game would be a dead rubber. It would be very bad for the World cup if Spain went out because of the wonderful football they play. I think that Spain will win this game to put a marker out to the other teams in the World cup but it might be close, should be a good game though as both sides are in good form.

Result Prediction: Spain to Win

Score Prediction: Spain 2 Chile 1

Match 48: Group “H” – Switzerland – Honduras: (Friday June 25th 7.30pm):

Switzerland were very lucky to beat Spain 1-0 in their opening game but that luck deserted them when they played Chile as they lost 1-0. If Chile lose their game against Spain then Switzerland have to beat Honduras. This will mean that you will have three sides all on four points and only goal difference to separate them. So this is what I am going to go for, ie, a Switzerland victory. Honduras are not a bad in terms of effort and hard work but they are a bit out of their depth. I think they will lose and with Spain beating Chile it should make for a very interesting final table in this group. I can remember Switzerland making their world cup debt in 1994 in the USA when they played in the opening game of that competition and drawing with the hosts 1-1. They also reached Euro 96 and drew their opening game again with the hosts England 1-1. They then collapsed and went out without another point. They even lost to Scotland. I think they will go out again, which will be a shame for them. A shame their fans didn’t bring their cow horns to drown out the dreadful sound of those South African horns which are doing my head in. Who ever thought of those horns wants to made to watch replay’s of England’s group games as punishment. A Swiss win.

Result Prediction: A Swiss win

Score Prediction: Switzerland 1 Honduras 0

That’s all the weekend when I will be bringing you the first knockout games in the last 16.

Nice to see my predictions going up after a dreadful start. I have now predicted 14 correct results out of the first 32 games which is just under 50% but climbing.

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