Will Juventus 'revolution' lead to Champions League glory?

Updated: 02/12/2022

BBC Sport travels to Turin, to find out whether a revolution at Italy's most successful club can lead to the “holy grail” of Champions League glory this season after losing five finals in the past 23 years.


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Will Juventus ‘revolution' lead to Champions League glory?


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26 thoughts on “Will Juventus 'revolution' lead to Champions League glory?”

  1. With Higuain, failure is inevitable.

  2. To be fair, the "revolution" lacks a few key elements, yes there is CR7 & De Ligt, but there are gaps in the 1st team teamsheet elsewhere:
    Szczesny – failed Arsenal keeper, needs a lot of protection – he's no Buffon!
    Khedira – I'm a big fan, but are his best days behind him?
    Pjanic – still question marks for me….when the big games come
    Higuaín – ditto Khedira

    Strength in depth, also a little lacking:
    Ramsey, Dybala, Rabiot, Demiral, Bentancur, Bernardeschi – not exactly putting pressure on the first team.

    I do have respect for Juve, but "revolution" is probably a little too strong a word. Happy to eat my words if they can re-capture the spirit of 1996 – Vialli et al!

  3. Jay ess che dice “de lait” anche no ahahah

  4. Matty97 says:


  5. Mark Evans says:

    Anvedi Kino come parla l'inglese

  6. Mark Evans says:

    Uh, c'è anche Luca Toselli

  7. Mark Evans says:

    Anvedi Colpo come parla l'inglese

  8. Mark Evans says:

    Grande Colpo Gobbo e anche Kinoshi

  9. There are plenty of teams bigger than juventus.

  10. lAngoloDiKinoshi says:

    Forza Juve!❤️⚪️⚫️

  11. Gfresh844 says:

    You can never rule any team out that has Ronaldo- but I just think they're too weak in midfield and don't have the right manager.

  12. Without a doubt they are the strongest team back to front

  13. Eddy Martin says:

    They ain’t winning it

  14. Samee 182 says:

    This whole video is aids

  15. Anyone know the name of the song that starts at 0:27?

  16. Chris M says:

    If i was Italian i would deffo support Juventus

  17. Every team wants to win the champions league including man city. Well it will be interesting this season.

  18. JakeMcBoss says:

    De ligt will be there for 3 years max the off to Barca

  19. short answer = no
    long answer = Nain

  20. Like se hai visto colpo gobbo

  21. MarcyyD says:

    4:39 That boy on some cocaine breh

  22. I am a CR7 and Real Madrid supporter but one thing great about UCL is that you can't predict what's gonna happen
    It's absolutely cracking football for 90 mins
    Juventus have a great squad but other teams are good too
    If they make out through the group stages winning all the matches then it will difficult to stop them

  23. Give shoutout and sub plz

  24. salahu 786 says:

    2020 is the year of Juve and CR7

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