Why Gonzalo Higuain to Chelsea makes a ‘huge’ amount of sense

Updated: 24/06/2022

Julien Laurens, Dan Thomas, Shaka Hislop and Craig Burley of ESPN FC react to the news that striker Gonzalo Higuain is going from AC Milan to Chelsea on a …


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23 thoughts on “Why Gonzalo Higuain to Chelsea makes a ‘huge’ amount of sense”

  1. By giving Costa away, we basically gave away a kidney. Nuts

  2. Alex 09 says:

    No one better than Drogba!! But hopefully Higuain makes a difference!


  4. Lenny Moon says:

    Burley never made any sort of impact anywhere, who hired this stupid idiot, is he cheap…?

  5. K B says:

    well higuain is going to do better than morals and giroud so I am happy with that purchase

  6. Sarri thinks he is still in Italy !

  7. I just hope higuain don’t flop like morata we will be fucked we (chelsea fans ) have been waiting for a striker that will make us unstoppable let’s just hope he solves our issue…let’s go bluessss!!!

  8. Nonsence calling him a failure in Real Madrid with 190 appearances with over 100 goals. He is not Neymar, Ronaldo or Messi but as number 9 he has a very good scoring ratio.

  9. Higuan is a far better striker than Morata.

  10. Jim Bob says:

    Should be playing Giroud – mega underestimated, with an elite level scoring and assisting record

  11. Icardi is a better choice!!!

  12. alex43778 says:

    He’s too slow for this league

  13. Jareon C says:

    EPL is no Serie A … I'm sure Higuain can't cope with the pace there.

  14. spot spot says:

    Higuain is going to be a flop

  15. Whoever said that needs to be fired.

  16. This just shows how Christian Pulisic being transferred to Chelsea was ONLY about drawing in the American crowd to bandwagon on to this and has nothing to do with his performance on the pitch. Example being the manager actually went out and got Higuain and knew about him coming into the club. I hope Christian absolutely transforms and becomes an amazing player at Chelsea and cements a spot not only in the starting squad but in the EPL in general, but it was still just a money move.

  17. Kevzete says:

    Higuain is finished, Icardi is a far better choice.

  18. I like higuain, i just wish we had confidence in our strikers i.e. batshuayi and Abraham.

    Overall, I'm excited that we have a natural/legit striker again.

  19. Higuain will flop. Mark my words.

  20. Higuain is lethal for club football cuz he has less pressure on him…… surely Chelsea will be getting a proper hitman now…..not a great prospect as a city fan….

  21. Willy o says:

    Is it really Chelsea if there not buying players past there prime lel

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