Top 50 Champions League Goals 2017/18

Top 50 Champions League Goals 2017/18 Song 1: MAX – Lights Down Low (VALNTN Remix) Song 2: Ina Wroldsen – Strongest (Bogen Remix) …


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19 thoughts on “Top 50 Champions League Goals 2017/18”

  1. JJcomps says:

    This video was uploaded before the final. That's why Bale's goal isn't in it.

  2. Is firminos one a joke?

  3. mamamaumamam says:

    Zapacosta, shit cross turned into a beautiful goal

  4. Where Bale goal on final?

  5. Rob soccer says:

    the thumbnail says it all

  6. Craig Irvine says:

    Such good editing but not many subs or views

  7. Leo says:

    where is bale's goal vs liverpool

  8. Fabian FE says:

    How do you make your intro

  9. DFComps says:

    Amazing video bro!

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