Thailand 1-4 India (AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019: Group Stage)

Updated: 30/05/2024

Thailand 1-4 India (AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019: Group Stage) Facebook: Twitter: …


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33 thoughts on “Thailand 1-4 India (AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019: Group Stage)”

  1. hong dark says:

    ไอ้เยราวัส มันทำให้อินเดียดูถูกไทย อยากลองอีกสักครั้ง เจอกันใหม่นะ

  2. Congratulations india from wakanda

  3. Congrats India from Thrissur

  4. Andre Lee says:

    Fuck you all..I dont care

  5. Sawan Gaba says:

    Who is here after 0-0 draw against qatar

  6. Only if I could see the future.. Forward it to 25 years.. You will see india dominating in football and a powerhouse. It is bound to happen. Just about time.

  7. เจอกันใหม่ได้นะ

  8. Nhìn lẩu thái là thấy cay r

  9. Rub my eyes few times and still in disbelief state..1 like from Malaysia and I belief Thailand can bounce back!

  10. Well done indea wish you best of luck in world cup I love you from nepal

  11. Love India, from Viet nam,!

  12. Ấn Độ là đội duy nhất bị loại của bảng đấu!

  13. Aman says:

    India A 4 – 1 Thailand

    India B 1 – 0 Thailand

  14. india​ First eliminated lol

  15. India sepakbolanya sangat maju,, apa lagi satdion2 nya keren2,, tp heran kenapa pemainnya ga ada muka indianya ya??

  16. Mista Lo says:

    Saya bingung dg india. Pdhl sepak bola'a jauh tertinggal. Dgr uji coba pun jarang trdengr. Bhkn pemain2 nyapun gk prnh main di luar negri, koq bgtu mudah sekelas thailand di bantai

  17. Indonesia Noob kena beku trus

  18. Bay Haki says:

    Kayak gak orang India.

  19. What the fuck? India most popular criket and hockey. This is awesome!!!!

  20. SUNDAR K says:


  21. Thailand …king of asia ..from .CUARAXAO..

  22. Since when do Indian people look like chineese??

  23. Stupid thailand haha. From indonesia

  24. 0:40 . I don't know aquaman playing football for india.

  25. What if India qualify in Fifa world cup Qatar 2022 ✋

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