Spain Look Good to Beat Paraguay on way to Final

Updated: 17/04/2024

world cup quarter final 2010

World Cup Quarter Final Predictions: July 2nd /3rd 2010:

Hello everyone. My predictions are getting better for this World cup as I correctly predicted 6 out of 8 of the last 16 games in terms of Result Predictions and got two correct scores. The two correct scores were Uruguay beating South Korea 2-1 and Argentina beating Mexico 3-1. I correctly predicted the correct results for Germany beating England, Brazil beating Chile, Spain beating Portugal, Holland beating Slovakia and of course Uruguay beating South Korea and Argentina beating Mexico. My percentage rate in terms of correct Predicted results in now around 47% and rising. This is good after the crap start I had. Good luck for the Quarter finals and see you all for the semis next week.

Match 56: Quarter Finals: Holland – Brazil: (Friday July 2nd 3pm):

Holland beat Slovakia 1-0 in their last 16 game as I predicted and now face Brazil in the quarter finals after they beat Chile 3-0 in their game. This will I think be a tight game as both sides have obviously come to this World cup to win and not entertain as has been proved by their performances and results. The last time these sides met in the World cup was in 1998 in the semi finals when Brazil won on penalties after a 1-1 draw. Holland will therefore be looking for revenge. I don’t think they are going to get any revenge because Brazil are past masters at winning games that they could so easily lose, in other words they get the luck when it counts. They are the Manchester United of International football. Both sides deserve to be here at this stage of the World cup but I think Holland will be going home which is a shame as I have been hoping that Holland one day will avenge 1974 and 1978 when they reached the final both years yet lost. Oh well at least they can console themselves with the thought that they have a much better record in world cup history than England but then hasn’t everyone bar Scotland. A Brazilian win.

Result Prediction: Brazil to win

Score Prediction: Brazil 2 Holland 1

Match 57: Quarter Finals: Uruguay – Ghana: (Friday July 2nd 7.30pm):

Uruguay are having their best world cup since the 1950 when they surprised everyone including Brazil when they beat them in the final in their own country as they were hosts. They beat South Korea 2-1 in their last 16 game and after toping their group are obviously in good form. Ghana beat the USA 2-1 with an extra game goal which was tough on the states as they played well in the game but Ghana prevailed. They are the only African side to progress out of their group and are flying the flag well for Africa. I think that Uruguay will win this game as they are playing better and have a better defence as well as a very good attack that seems to be taking it’s chances better than Ghana who have missed a few this world cup. Should be a close game but a good one. Both sides have done well to reach this far and credit is due to them especially when you consider the sides that have fallen by the way such as Italy, France and of course England. Good luck to both sides as I think that football needs the underdogs doing well as I gets bloody boring to see the same sides winning all the time. Uruguay to win.

Result Prediction: Uruguay to win

Score Prediction: Uruguay 2 Ghana 1

Match 58: Quarter Finals: Argentina – Germany: (Saturday July 3rd 3pm):

As far as I am concerned this is the best game of the quarter finals and it is not hard to see why with the way both sides are playing. Germany’s young side destroyed England 4-1 in their last 16 game and don’t be fooled by England’s goal that was wrongly disallowed as Germany would have won 4-2 as they were that much better than England. They had a great attack that England’s defence couldn’t cope with. I blame England’s performance on our bloody media mainly as the pressure they put on the players has had a bad affect. More on that at a latter date. Argentina beat Mexico in their last 16 3-1 as I predicted and played well against a good Mexico side that yet again failed to reach the quarter finals in the world cup. Maybe next time chaps. I think Argentina will win this game as they just have enough experience to beat the Germans and will also be looking for revenge after being knocked out by the Germans at the last World cup on Penalties. Should be a really good game and I really suggest you watch this game but watch with the TV turned down as the commentating at this world cup has been so bad that it will put you off. Honest…

Result Prediction: Argentina to win

Score Prediction: Argentina 2 Germany 1

Match 59: Quarter Finals: Spain – Paraguay: (Saturday July 3rd 7.30pm):

I think that Spain are destined to win this world cup. Just a hunch based on the fact that they have got the monkey off their back by winning the European Championships in 2008. They play some great football with their neat passing which makes it very difficult for other sides to get the ball let alone create chances and win the game. Spain beat their geographical rivals Portugal 1-0 with a goal from David Villa who is a superb player with a great scoring rate for Spain. He is the one they will have to watch if Paraguay are to stand a chance. Paraguay do stand a chance because they have a great defence and will therefore make it difficult for Spain just like Portugal tried to do on Tuesday night. Paraguay have to defend and sit back because they will get massacred if they try and attack. For this reason alone they deserve to go out and they will. Spain have never been beyond the quarter finals in a world cup which is a crazy record. They are set to put that to be d by winning this game but they will have to break down Paraguay which could test their patience. and yours if you are going to watch the game.

Result Prediction: Spain to win

Score Prediction: Spain 2 Paraguay 0

Good Luck everyone & see you all next week for the Semi finals.

Douglas Martin

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