'Solskjaer was a player, he understands us' – Marcus Rashford opens up about Manchester United

Updated: 27/05/2024

Match of the Day's Gary Lineker visits Marcus Rashford at Manchester United to find out more about how the young England striker copes with the pressure of taking penalties, finds working under manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and deals with racist abuse online.


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Gary Lineker meets Marcus Rashford to talk Solskjaer, Mourinho, penalties & racism


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26 thoughts on “'Solskjaer was a player, he understands us' – Marcus Rashford opens up about Manchester United”

  1. Marcus is a great talent and a very mature for his age. Good luck geeza.

  2. JacobLS says:

    4:56 when you see the Greenwood video

  3. Sli says:

    Come on Rashy socks with thongs????? That should be only in the house in private.

  4. Mello says:

    Man I swear you or lingard jones young are genuinely good persons
    But you just aint manutd quality

  5. Rashford is a good player but he shud focus on penalties and also play from the right so he can be supplying balls to the striker. This takes pressure off him.

  6. What a silly excuse! Overrated player should be playing for Hull

  7. Well spoken lad. Poor at football way over rated

  8. J U says:

    Sorry but ole will eventually be sacked by january if the squad dont believe in oles tactics

  9. Bradly May says:

    Marcus is the man, Come on United!!

  10. 2:30 this is a huge dig at the board how comes no one is talking about this.

    P.s if you are the metro the sun or man utd evening news fuck off and fined youre own stuff not mine

  11. That's what I don't like @ 0:17 he's made it, he's made what? What exactly, all those before him have won multiple league titles, champions leagues, as far I'm aware, he needs to either win the ucl or prem to be up there, unbelievable to whoever thought that's a good idea.

  12. I still have faith in Rashford. He may be going through a dip currently. But he can come good. Only 21 and already done so much. I’ve seen people say Welbeck 2.0. You can tell me the stats but I think Rashford looks better and is better than Welbeck ever was. People demand way too much in such a short amount of time. Give the guy a break. He may need to work on his decision making. But there are other parts to his game that are excellent. Work rate. The fact that he does actually score goals. He gets into the right positions and picks up the ball a lot. If he improves on his decision making, which I hope he does, he’ll start becoming even better and really start getting onto the next level. He’s still got loads of time to do it. All other United fans need patience with him.

  13. Just imagine that. Gary never got a yellow card. amazing

  14. He should NEVER be on that wall now.

  15. Tom says:

    Go get 'em Rashford!
    He's come a long way, already. Still hard to believe he's only 21.

  16. Dont rate him…. But he seems like a nice guy good luck to him !

  17. Shimon says:

    Yea Ole was a player he understands you but Jose is a manager he understands how to win trophies.

  18. Cantona says:

    Look son, I know you are thick, but you should be able to understand this……" KICK THE F***ING BALL INTO THE OPPONENTS GOAL FFS !

  19. Pls don’t be a waste and all hype, go out on the RW assist and score, your not world class or even amazing yet

  20. Rashford in 2019: "Yes, I've matured"

    Also Rashford in 2019: "Beans, Beans, Beans"

  21. the great1 says:

    Gary lineker is such a twat in person

  22. Why is Welbeck on the mural in the corridor?? Lol

  23. Lee Inkson says:

    Seems a decent mature lad he just needs to bin the social media overrated dabba lingard definitely a bad egg and a bad influence on rashford

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