WT Wembley – FA considering Sale of Wembley Stadium in £800 Million deal

Sale of Wembley Stadium

Updated: 24/06/2024

Sale of Wembley Stadium

Internal shot of the new Wembley Stadium. 2018 home of the England national football team – but for how much longer with the sale of Wembley Stadium?.

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The FA are mulling over a proposal by NFL Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham football club owner Shahid Khan for the sale of Wembley Stadium in a deal worth £800 million.

The news could revolutionise English football and provide the most significant moment in the UK's involvement in expanding the NFL after more than a decade of the national stadium hosting International Series games.

Khan is willing to pay £500 m cash for the stadium, reports the Mail, with The FA maintaining the Club Wembley debenture and hospitality business valued at £300 m.

The money would allow The FA to clear all it's outstanding debts from the construction of the stadium and provide an opportunity for widespread investment at grass roots level.

Tottenham have used the Wembley football stadium as their home ground this season.

Here are questions raised by the staggering news that will shake up English football:

Will the Sale of Wembley Stadium benefit English football?

The quick answer is yes. By selling the national stadium, The FA can most importantly clears its debts and begin to invest in grass roots football.

Where will England play their home matches?

The Three Lions will continue to play at Wembley but the autumn internationals will likely be played elsewhere, clearing the calendar for an NFL franchise to play home games during the regular season, which takes place September to December.

Where is the £500 m going?

The sale of Wembley Stadium will immediately allow The FA to pay off their debt from a loan to pay off the initial cost of building the stadium. That was valued at £142 m in January 2018 and was due to be paid off by 2024.

The remainder of the money could then be spent on growing the game, though some would still go to Wembley stakeholders.

Wembley has hosted NFL games since 2007.

Does this confirm London will be awarded the first international NFL franchise?

NFL Jacksonville Jaguars

LONDON UK : Crowded Regent street with Jaguars inflatable arch and NFL flags above. The street was closed to traffic to host NFL related games and events.

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Not necessarily, though it is likely that Khan would like to make Wembley Stadium the new home of the Jaguars. The NFL would need to ratify any plans from Khan to move the Jacksonville-based franchise.

How will this affect Tottenham?

Spurs have a 10-year deal to host at least two NFL games per year at the new £1 billion White Hart Lane, with the NFL investing £10 m into the construction of the new stadium.

Even with a UK-based franchise, Spurs would likely still continue to host other matches with the remaining NFL franchises made available for the International Series.

Khan's Jags reached the AFC Championship match last season.

How will this affect Chelsea?

Chelsea, like Spurs this season, have strongly been linked with using Wembley Stadium as their home while Stamford Bridge is rebuilt.

The Blues' proposed £11m per season deal could therefore be under threat by the sale of Wembley Stadium news.

Will it still be called Wembley Stadium?

No, probably not, as part of the deal, Khan would have the opportunity to bring in revenue by selling naming rights.

EE currently hold a lead brand partner for the stadium in a deal signed in 2014 that runs until 2020. It is unclear how this existing deal would be affected.

Where will The FA's home be in the future?

The FA will still hold their headquarters at Wembley Stadium.

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