Real Madrid v Bayern highlights: 2013/14 UEFA Champions League semi-final

Updated: 26/05/2022

Highlights of Real Madrid's win against Bayern under Carlo Ancelotti in the 2014 UEFA Champions League semi-finals.


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30 thoughts on “Real Madrid v Bayern highlights: 2013/14 UEFA Champions League semi-final”

  1. Ali 123 says:

    When bbc worked together amzingly

  2. Amareto says:

    I would've never sold Dimaria .

  3. That was a great match for Real madrid fan's just like me.

  4. onix 12 says:

    Les guste algunos o no pero benzema siempre a estado ahí.. Para mi es un delantero diferente con bastantes funciones

  5. La señora taleguiada al bayer

  6. Zidane is and will always be a player at heart, look how he celebrating that win

  7. one of the best UCL games by RMA…

  8. Real madrid tore bayern apart this year…total dominance…full revenge

  9. yg CR7 mana suara nya
    ayoooo angkat jempol nya dan mampir yah d chanelqu

  10. Jia Zz says:

    Congratulation Madrid back to TEAM OF ROUND 16

  11. Jia Zz says:

    Madrid such a trash team without cr7. Trash team got fucked from Spain league and Europe league. Nice year without trash team

  12. Back when BENZEMA was a dream for all the teams

  13. 2:40 I still feel goosebumps !!!

  14. RAZI RØX says:

    Who’s here after Real Madrid 1-4 Ajax

  15. phil14113 says:

    Ancelotti and Mourinho teams played more beautiful football and scored incredible amounts of goals , but lacked the substance of Zidane teams which won a lot more trophies and played only for the result . Of course all those teams are much better than the boring , ugly football that we see in todays Real Madrid

  16. Mr Ace says:

    Ancelotti is such a great coach

  17. Haha. Bayern got owned by Ramos and Ronaldo

  18. Chupa falsiola, só tem marketing

  19. Real now: no ancelotti, no zidane, no Ronaldo :(((

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