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Updated: 19/04/2024

Premiership Predictions & Correct Scores for week 3 of the season: Weekend August 28th/29th 2010

by Doug Martin

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Hello everyone. How are you all? An improvement last weekend with 5 correct results out of 10 compared to 4 the first weekend. I correctly predicted Arsenal beating Blackpool, Manchester City beating Liverpool, Bolton winning at West Ham, Chelsea beating Wigan & Birmingham beating Blackburn. Hopefully I can improver further this week to get my average back up to last seasons 57%. A word about poor Blackpool. They were wrongly penalised for Arsenal’s second goal & the sending off which meant they were 2-0 down with only ten men on the field. This was very unfair but the media all said that it was the harshness of life in the Premiership & the gap in class which caused them to lose 6-0. Right, so that means you have to play with 10 men for over 60 minutes & have a stupid penalty awarded against you so that the media can come out with it’s headlines. That’s fair isn’t it? Thank you for the comments some of you have been leaving on the website. I do read them all so thanks. Onwards & upwards. Good luck for this weekend & see you all next week.

Match 1: Blackburn – Arsenal: (Saturday August 28th: 12.45pm):

Arsenal had a good home win last weekend in beating Blackpool 6-0. They were massively helped by the referee who awarded a penalty that wasn’t & the sending off which meant that Blackpool had to play with 10 men for most of the game. Arsenal now play a Blackburn side who won their opening home against Everton but lost 2-1 at Birmingham last Saturday after taking the lead early in the second half. They also missed a penalty when the score was 0-0. They will see the defeat as a missed chance to improve their bad away form. Last season they beat Arsenal at home at the end of the season but lost 6-2 away. Arsenal tend to have trouble in this fixture mainly because of the style of play that Blackburn play in that have trouble dealing with it. This could be a really tough game for them but I think they will win, just. I still think that Blackburn will easily stay up because of their home form & that Arsenal won’t win the title. Arsenal will probably come third behind Chelsea & Manchester United. One thing is for sure, they will finish higher in the league than Liverpool. A close away win then & Arsenal might have to come from behind to gain victory.

Result Prediction: Arsenal to win
Score Prediction: Blackburn 1 Arsenal 2
Attendance Prediction: 24,000

Match 2: Blackpool – Fulham: (Saturday August 28th: 3pm):

Blackpool were brought back down to earth after their 4-0 win at Wigan on the opening day by losing 6-0 at Arsenal. As I have mentioned elsewhere they were not helped by the referee. We will never know how they the result will have turned out if the sending off & penalty hadn’t have happened. They now need to re group & focus on the home game with Fulham which is of course their first home game since promotion. Fulham played very well to draw with Manchester United 2-2 last Sunday. They were 2-1 down late in the second half & after United missed a penalty managed to grab a late goal themselves. That surprised me as United usually go onto win games when they score late on. That makes it two draws so far for Fulham. They will be well aware that they lost 2-1 to Hull when they made their home debut in the premiership two seasons ago, so they will be hoping that history does not repeat. I can see Blackpool winning but it will be close. Fulham have a bad away record but of course did manage a 0-0 draw at Bolton on the opening day. Could be a close game with Blackpool just sneaking it. Still don’t think that Blackpool will stay up but Fulham will as was backed up by their draw last Sunday.

Result Prediction: Blackpool to win
Score Prediction: Blackpool 2 Fulham 1
Attendance Prediction: 18,000

Match 3: Chelsea – Stoke City: (Saturday August 28th: 3pm):

Chelsea won 6-0 for the second game on the trot this time at the expense of a Wigan side who are looking like it is going to be a very hard job to stay up. They now face Stoke at home who lost 2-1 at home to Spurs last Saturday. This means that they are bottom of the table above Wigan on Goal difference. Last season they lost 7-0 in this fixture. Stoke will not be looking forward to this game as a consequence. Can’t really see them getting anything out of this game. The way Chelsea are playing at home since they lost to Manchester City last season has been very impressive. If I was a Stoke fan I wouldn’t bother going to the game, mainly because of the cost of admission. Chelsea are of course top of the table but I still stand by my prediction of them finishing second to Manchester United in the title race. Good if only we could go back to the old days where the likes of Aston Villa (1981), Notts Forest (1978), Leeds United (1992) won the title. The title race has become so bloody boring but of course the media will tell you otherwise. Close games my arse….A home win then and not a brave prediction by any stretch of the imagination.

Result Prediction: Chelsea to win
Score Prediction: Chelsea 4 Stoke 0
Attendance Prediction: 41,000

Match 4: Spurs – Wigan: (Saturday August 28th: 3pm):

Another Easy game to predict & I thought the Premiership was so competitive. Wigan are bottom after losing 4-0 to Wigan & last Saturday 6-0 to Chelsea. Wigan’s players don’t appear to be playing with any passion or care. Welcome to the Premiership where a lot of players seem to be content to pick up their insane wage packets & not give a toss. Last season to prove the point they lost 9-1 in this fixture. Again I would recommend that Wigan fans don’t bother spending stupid money on going to this game. The sooner the better that Clubs reduce their prices. Don’t hold your breath. Spurs won 4-0 in midweek to qualify for the Champions League group stages. They also had a very good win at Stoke last Saturday but should have only come away with a draw after a stoke goal was not given after crossing the line late on in the game. Spurs have started well this season & I really can’t see them losing this game. Another home win then & it is only a matter of how many goals they will score.

Result Prediction: Spurs to win
Score Prediction: Spurs 3 Wigan 0
Attendance Prediction: 35,000

Match 5: Wolves – Newcastle: (Saturday August 28th: 3pm):

Wolves have started the season well. They followed up their 2-1 win against Stoke by drawing at Everton 1-1. They have a tough fixture this Saturday as they face a Newcastle side who recovered well from losing at Manchester United to thrash Aston Villa 6-0. How they managed that I still can’t work out. Anyway, Wolves away should be a difficult game for them & I can see them winning. Wolves as I have said previously should stay up but Newcastle’s season is anybody’s guess? Shouldn’t go down after the 6-0 win on Sunday that’s for sure. I reckon that Newcastle will win this game. Wolves may not concede many goals but they don’t score many either. They had an average home form last season but did manage to beat Spurs, Bolton, Burnley (didn’t everyone), Fulham & Sunderland. They managed to lose to Portsmouth!!! A new castle win then & I am sure that all the Championship clubs are missing them being in the Championship with their large following. I’m sure Sunderland fans feel the same, not.

Result Prediction: Newcastle to win
Score Prediction: Wolves 1 Newcastle 3
Attendance Prediction: 27,000

Match 6: Manchester United – West Ham: (Saturday August 28th: 5.30pm):

Manchester United will be unhappy that they blew three points by only drawing at Fulham after they were winning two one late on & missed a penalty to draw 2-2. They did however thrash Newcastle 3-0 on the opening weekend & will be hoping for a similar result against a West Ham side who have lost both their games. They lost 3-1 at home to Bolton on Saturday (as I predicted). They also missed a penalty, this time when the score was 0-0. That Penalty miss proved to be costly but it could be even more costly in context of the season as If they had scored that Penalty & gone onto to win the game then they would have had an early launch pad for their season. They are now bottom with Wigan & Stoke. Last season they lost this fixture 3-0 & there will probably be a repeat of that scoreline in this game. West Ham are going to struggle this season & their manager could see himself taking down to clubs to the premiership in consecutive seasons after managing Portsmouth last season. An easy three points then for Manchester United & again who says there are only easy games in the Premiership, err, me.

Result Prediction: Manchester United to win
Score Prediction: Manchester United 4 West Ham 1
Attendance Prediction: 75,000

Match 7: Aston Villa – Everton: (Sunday August 29th: 4pm):

Villa have had a dreadful week. They lost 6-0 at Newcastle last Sunday & were then knocked out of Europe by Austria Vienna 3-2 after leading 2-1 with ten minutes left. Not good. To say they are missing Martin O’Neil is an Understatement. It will now be proved that the chairman has made a massive mistake in forcing him to leave by trying to see their players. They now face an Everton side who haven’t had a good start either. They lost on the opening day at Blackburn 1-0 & then could only draw at home with Wolves 1-1. Both sides need a win & badly. I think Everton will win this game as Villa’s morale is worse than Everton. I remember when both these sides contested the League cup final of 1977 & Villa won 3-2 in the third game as the first two games had finished 0-0 (at Wembley) & 1-1. Enough of the retro, on with the prediction you say. Could be a good game this one as both sides are making mistakes in defence, anyway a Everton win & very unhappy times at the Villa, not that Birmingham City fans will care.

Result Prediction: Everton to win
Score Prediction: Aston Villa 1 Everton 2
Attendance Prediction: 35,000

Match 8: Bolton – Birmingham: (Sunday August 29th: 1.30pm):

This is a difficult to predict as both sides have started well. Birmingham followed up their 2-2 draw at Sunderland on the opening day to beat Blackburn 2-1 at home (as I predicted) & then beat Rochdale 3-2 in the League cup. Bolton had a great 3-1 at West Ham last Saturday to go to four points after their opening day 0-0 draw with Fulham. Can see this game ending a draw but I am going to stick my neck out & say that Bolton should just shade a close game as I think that Birmingham’s away record is not that good despite their 2-2 draw at Sunderland when they came from 2-0 down, all be it against 10 men. This time they will be playing 11 men & it could catch them out. Bolton are improving under Owen Coyle which was proved by their excellent 3-1 away win at a West Ham side that are already looking doomed. A close Game then but a good one as both sides try to play good passing football.

Result Prediction: Bolton to win
Score Prediction: Bolton 2 Birmingham 1
Attendance Prediction: 21,000

Match 9: Liverpool – WBA: (Sunday August 29th: 3pm):

Liverpool need a league victory after losing 3-0 at Manchester City on Monday night (as I predicted, ha). They won in Europe away on Thursday 2-1 to go through in the UEFA Cup but they are still not looking the full package. They are stuck on one point as they could only draw 1-1 with Arsenal on the opening day. They should win this game as they are playing a West Brom side who managed a 1-0 victory over Sunderland last Saturday after being thrashed 6-0 by Chelsea on the opening day. Despite Liverpool being really bad last season they were still good at beating the lesser lights of the Premiership at home. So a Liverpool win & will WBA manage to stay up this time in the Premiership? They have some hope as West Ham seem determined to do a Portsmouth & come bottom.

Result Prediction: Liverpool to win
Score Prediction: Liverpool 3 WBA 0
Attendance Prediction: 44,000

Match 10: Sunderland – Manchester City: (Sunday August 29th: 3pm):

Last season in this fixture Manchester City were lucky to come away with a point in a 1-1 draw. This time I think they will get all three points against a Sunderland side who don’t appear to have improved from last season. Sunderland lost 1-0 at WBA last Saturday which was a bad defeat for them as West Brom will be expected to struggle this season. Sunderland should after this game find themselves in the relegation places after defeat which will not go down well. Plenty of the season left for them however to improve which I expect them to do. Manchester City unlike Aston Villa won in Europe 2-0 to qualify for the next stage. They also had a great 3-0 win against Liverpool in their last league game which proved how far Liverpool & City are apart. An away win then & city’s Italian manager will be in a good mood, mainly because his continued employment will mean more scarf’s for his collection.

Result Prediction: Manchester City to win
Score Prediction: Sunderland 1 Manchester City 3
Attendance Prediction: 41,000

That’s all for this week everybody.
See you all early next week.

Douglas Martin


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