Premiership Predictions and Correct Scores Week 2 of the season: 21st – 23rd August 2010

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by Doug Martin

Hello everyone. Welcome to the second Premier League preview article of the season. I only managed 4 out of 10 in correct results at the weekend. Not that great but it could have been better if Birmingham hadn’t have grabbed a late goal to draw 2-2 at Sunderland after I had predicted a Sunderland home win. The correct results then were Manchester United beating Newcastle, Chelsea beating WBA, Wolves beating Stoke & Aston Villa beating West Ham. Just one goal out on the correct scoreline for Manchester United beating Newcastle. Let's get down to the Premiership Predictions and Correct Scores Week 2.

I have decided to add a new feature this week for a trial to see what you think? I will be putting in the prediction for the Attendance. Some gates are easy to predict as some teams almost always have capacity gates but there is of course the others. See what you think? I have predicted the gate to the nearest thousand. So here we go for week 2. Good Luck & see you all next week.

Match 1: Arsenal – Blackpool: (Saturday 21st August – 3pm):

Blackpool amazed me & most other people by winning 4-0 at a very poor Wigan 4-0. I still think that Blackpool will go down but they will win a few more games than I thought they might. I said similar comments regarding Burnley last season when they started well by beating Manchester United & Everton at home. This shouldn’t however take away the credit they deserve from an excellent result at Wigan whose fans must be wondering how their season is going to end. They now face a Arsenal side who in the end were lucky to get a 1-1 draw at Liverpool last Sunday thanks to a late own goal from Liverpool. Their first half performance deserved a draw but they were poor in the second half. Can’t see Blackpool getting anything from this game but I remember Hull winning at Arsenal on their first visit a few seasons back. Could be a close game but Arsenal should come out on top.

Result Prediction: Arsenal to win
Score Prediction: Arsenal 2 Blackpool 0
Attendance Prediction: 60,000

Match 2: Birmingham – Blackburn: (Saturday 21st August – 3pm):

Birmingham gained a very good point at Sunderland in their first game which addressed their bad run of away results from the last third of last season. Blackburn had a very good home win against Everton which avenged their 3-2 defeat at the end of last season. Blackburn as most people know had a great home record last season which they appear to have carried into this season but their away form was not good. I think they only won at Burnley (which was a good one for their fans) & Portsmouth? Blackburn lost this fixture 1-0 last season & I can see a similar scoreline & result in this game. It will be interesting to see if Birmingham are able to continue the progress they made last season. They have a good home record & are undefeated since last September. This has included draws against Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United & Chelsea. A Birmingham win then but I don’t think there will be many goals in this game. Will the admission prices reflect this? No chance as we are living in the world of the Premiership which is controlled by the Money men.

Result Prediction: Birmingham to win
Score Prediction: Birmingham 2 Blackburn 0
Attendance Prediction: 23,000

Match 3: Everton – Wolves: (Saturday 21st August : 3pm):

Wolves had a good start to the season by beating Stoke 2-1 on Saturday which was a good result as Stoke are a difficult side to play against, well apart from when they play away against Chelsea. Wolves drew this fixture last season 1-1 which was a good point for them. Wolves away form last season wasn’t too bad with wins at Spurs, Burnley, Wigan & West Ham. They also drew at Hull, Stoke, Aston Villa, Fulham & of course Everton. Everton will be very disappointed at the way they lost 1-0 at Blackburn last Saturday but will obviously be hoping to bounce back in this game & to be honest I think they will. They will be hoping that their poor first half of the season is not repeated this one as it cost them a European place in the end. I think as already mentioned last week that Wolves will stay up (again) because there are far more worse sides than them in the Premiership this season. A home win then to kick start Everton’s season.

Result Prediction: Everton to win
Score Prediction: Everton 3 Wolves 1
Attendance Prediction: 35,000

Match 4: Stoke – Spurs: (Saturday 21st August: 3pm):

Stoke will be hopefully looking to bounce back after their surprise defeat to Wolves last Saturday (Not to me as I predicted their defeat). Stoke lost this fixture 2-1 last season and will be hoping for a better result on Saturday. Tottenham I fear will have trouble doing as well as last season when they finished 4th. They drew their opening game at home to Manchester City 0-0. On Tuesday night they lost 3-2 away in the first leg of their European Champions League Qualifier. It could have been a whole lot worse for them as they were 3-0 down early in the first half. They should win the second leg & qualify but I suspect they will have their mind on that game which will aid Stoke. As everybody knows Stoke are a very physical side but personally I don’t care as they don’t have the resources to buy players & compete so they have had to find another way to stay in the Premiership & the way they have found works. The real culprits are the clubs that have created the situation by their obscene spending that has semi forced clubs like Stoke to take the action they have. A home win then for one of the Countries oldest Clubs.

Result Prediction: Stoke to win
Score Prediction: Stoke 2 Spurs 1
Attendance Prediction: 26,000

Match 5: WBA – Sunderland: (Saturday 21st August: 3pm):

Sunderland were denied three points by Birmingham’s late goal on Saturday in their 2-2 draw. Last season their away form was bad. If my memory serves me right they only managed one away win & that was at Bolton on the opening day of the season. They managed a few draws at Manchester United (?) & Blackburn but that was it. They now face a WBA side who have (again) bounced back with promotion after being relegated the season before from the Premiership. Will WBA stay up? I don’t think so after their 6-0 thrashing at Chelsea last Saturday but they will try to play nice football along the way. I think this game will be a draw as Sunderland are not very good away & West Brom struggle. Personally I hope both sides do well as they have good support & history. I am too young to remember Sunderland winning the FA Cup in 1973 but I do remember them reaching the League Cup final in 1985 when they lost to Norwich City 1-0 (they missed a penalty) & 1992 when they reached the FA Cup final only to lose to Liverpool 2-0. MY WBA Memories are of the late 1970’s when they had a great side with the likes of Laurie Cunningham, Bryan Robson etc,etc & a great 5-3 win at Manchester United as well as a FA Cup Semi final appearance in 1978. They challenged for the title in 1979/80 season but ended up third behind Liverpool & Notts Forest who pipped them for second place with a vital win over them late in the season. Enough of the Memory section. A score draw.

Result Prediction: A Score draw
Score Prediction: WBA 1 Sunderland 1
Attendance Prediction: 24,000

Match 6: West Ham – Bolton: (Saturday 21st August: 3pm):

A tough game to call this one. West Ham were bad against Aston Villa last week in losing 3-0 & Bolton failed to beat a Fulham side who were bad travellers last season (Apart from Europe) in a 0-0 draw. West Ham are not looking good & I can see them losing this game. They had some bad home results at home last season including a very bad 3-1 defeat to Wolves. However, on the other side of the coin they did manage draws at home to Arsenal & Chelsea. Bolton struggled against the drop last season but pulled clear thanks mainly to the appointment of manager Owen Coyle. I think they will win this game as West Ham’s form is looking so bad. It really could be a tough season for West Ham & I can see them going down. This would be a shame as I like West Ham’s support who are very loyal despite being asked like a lot of other fans to pay disgusting admission prices. My West Ham Memories are of them winning the FA Cup as a second division club in 1980 against Arsenal 1-0. They had a good side then & went up the following season as champions as well as reaching the League cup final & taking Liverpool to a replay before losing 2-1. In 1985/86 season only fixture congestion stooped them from winning the title. I remember Bolton in the forth division in the 1980’s so their progress as a constant in the Premiership must seam a miracle to their fans from those days. An away win then & some tough times in East London.

Result Prediction: Bolton to win
Score Prediction: West Ham 1 Bolton 2
Attendance Prediction: 28,000

Match 7: Wigan – Chelsea: (Saturday 21st August: 5.15pm):

Wigan are going to struggle this season which seems really obvious after their 4-0 defeat to newly promoted Blackpool last Saturday. They struggled for a lot of last season as you all know & just stayed up in the end. Amazingly they beat Chelsea 3-1 at home last season but I can’t see a repeat of that result this Saturday. Chelsea started their season with a bang by beating poor old WBA 6-0 at home. We will be told this season that there are no easy games at this level by so called “Experts” but Chelsea scored 7 goals four times last season as well as the 6-0 thrashing of WBA last Saturday. This is a lie. Who says money talks. I still think that Manchester United will win the title ahead of Chelsea but Chelsea will still be there fighting for their title come the end of the season. They should be joint top with Manchester United come the end of the weekends fixtures. I remember Wigan playing at their old ground Springfield Park which was one of the worst grounds in the League at the time (even worse than Halifax!). They struggled along in the lower leagues for some years until their present manager came along & took them to where they are now. Doesn’t seem the same club to me. The only time I have been to Stamford Bridge was in the 1980’s when they played Southampton in a 1-1 draw in front of 12,000. How times change. Poor Wigan. Maybe their fans would rather be in the Championship as there are more genuine teams etc,etc. A home defeat again.

Result Prediction: A Chelsea win
Score Prediction: Wigan 0 Chelsea 3
Attendance Prediction: 17,000

Match 8: Newcastle – Aston Villa: (Sunday 22nd August: 1.30pm):

Newcastle lost at Manchester United as I predicted on Monday night. They now need to beat an Aston Villa side who will be on a high after winning well against West Ham 3-0 on Saturday. Newcastle did well last season in being promoted as champions but they haven’t really strengthened since promotion because their chairman is a twat. This could end in disaster for them come the end of the season as the reasons they were relegated in the first place still remain (mainly). Aston Villa are still a good side despite the departure of Martin O’Neil. That should be proved in this game. It could be a long hard season for Newcastle but there are some worse sides than them in the premiership & that could be their saving grace. My memories of Villa are of them winning the Title in 1981 & the European Cup the following year. That is something that would & couldn’t happen now which is why football is poorer in this country. The same sides winning the trophies means we are turning into another version of the Scottish Premier League. God help us. A home defeat for Newcastle then & some unhappy home fans. Cue more demo’s against their loveable chairman.

Result Prediction: Villa to win
Score Prediction: Newcastle 1 Aston Villa 2
Attendance Prediction: 51,000

Match 9: Fulham – Manchester United: (Sunday 22nd August: 4pm):

Last season Fulham amazed me & a lot of other people by beating Manchester United 3-0 in this fixture. That result would appear to sum up why United failed to win the title. Fulham started the season with a 0-0 at Bolton which was a good result under new manager Mark Hughes who is of course a former Manchester United player & to be honest a former favourite of mine even though I don’t support the Club. I think that Fulham will be hard pressed to get a result in this game as Manchester United started their season well with a 3-0 victory over Newcastle on Monday night. Fulham will stay up this season by almost certainly finishing in a similar mid table position. They have appointed a good manager in Mark Hughes to replace Roy Hodgson who has of course gone to Liverpool. He might regret that move. I feel sorry for Manchester United fans who go to their games because of the amount of games that are moved for TV. Who wants to go down to London on a Sunday when you have to be at work on the Monday? Anyway, a Manchester United win but Fulham fans won’t be to concerned as they will stay up & might, just might have another cup run.

Result Prediction: A United win
Score Prediction: Fulham 0 Manchester United 2
Attendance Prediction: 24,000

Match 10: Manchester City – Liverpool: (Monday 23rd August: 8pm):

Manchester City & Liverpool play the Monday night game. Oh joy, the “Sky” Monday night game is back. Rejoice, unless you are one of the forty odd thousand people who have to attend the game rather than on a Saturday. Both sides started the season with draws but Manchester City will have been the happiest with their point as it was away at Spurs (0-0). Liverpool were unlucky in having Joe Cole sent off & conceding a last minute own goal to draw at home against Arsenal. Last season this fixture ended in a very bad 0-0 draw. It was so bad that both teams were lucky to get nil. Should be a better game this time around. I think Manchester City are the stronger side at present as Liverpool are still rebuilding after a very bad season last year. A home win then & I think that City will crack the top four this season at the expense of Liverpool & Spurs. That is their target pure & simple. This game should help build the launch pad for that target. A home win then & some pissed of Liverpool fans hoping that their American owners can piss off just like Manchester United’s.

Result Prediction: Manchester City to win
Score Prediction: Manchester City 2 Liverpool 1
Attendance Prediction: 47,000

That’s all for this week. Good luck & see you all in a few days.

Douglas Martin


20th August 2010

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