'Once a Red, always a Red' – Xabi Alonso on his love for Liverpool FC

Where does Xabi Alonso rank in the list of modern Liverpool legends?

The former Reds midfielder talks to Football Focus about his time at Anfield as he forges a new career as coach of Real Sociedad B in Spain.


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‘Once a Red, always a Red' – Xabi Alonso on his love for Liverpool FC | Football Focus


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17 thoughts on “'Once a Red, always a Red' – Xabi Alonso on his love for Liverpool FC”

  1. medialync says:

    Liked even before watching. Legend.

  2. Brilliant artist of the game

  3. Xabi Alonso was so good for us that we only found a replacement when we signed Fabinho.

  4. Yes, sure loves Liverpool so much that he left for Liverpool.

  5. MrNiceHk says:

    Just the man always has been always will be

  6. Boscos_box says:

    He hoped Madrid wd beat Liverpool. This is just media nonsense. Players kissing badges and a day later demanding a transfer.

  7. This man didn’t play the CL final for Madrid but he put on a show in the semis, absolute legend.

  8. The day we sold him was when this club declined.

  9. He still looks fit and ready to play on a high level.

  10. StevieG once said xabi is footballing royalty. Bang on. Favourite player of all time.

  11. I don't think I've seen a better footballer live than Xabi Alonso. I hope he's an amazing coach in the future ❤️

  12. Once a legend always a legend

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