Manchester United, Mourinho, Everton & more | Premier League Tonight special with Wayne Rooney

Updated: 21/03/2023

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney joined the Premier League Tonight team for this week's show, covering a range of topics including leaving …


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38 thoughts on “Manchester United, Mourinho, Everton & more | Premier League Tonight special with Wayne Rooney”

  1. Get rid of that knobhead jake and it would be the best football show.
    But that guys a bellend.

  2. Greece won euro 2004 they didn't beat lol

  3. flexa says:

    Rooney! Rooney! Rooney!

  4. i dont know these old players will NOT say other players will down their tools , they are players

  5. SoItGoes says:

    Presenter is absolutely terrible, Sky has better presenter.

  6. Flynn B900 says:

    Jesus Danny gabbidon sounds EXACTLY like Tom Kerridge

  7. Jake is an awful presenter. Once they bin him the better!

  8. Mark white says:

    murinio overcoached his players and insisted on too much instruction.. fuelling self obsession/paranoia. Solskgar says just go and play football…

  9. ChrisMisc1 says:

    All that money and Rooney still has yellow teeth ffs

  10. manred1984 says:

    What's Owen on about Lindelöf? He was mint against Cardiff!

  11. Joker says:

    Host is a knob sorry

  12. Deep Zepp says:

    So basically Ronney's saying they're all brats. Yeah, we all knew that.

  13. I remember a fella called Hazard who when Jose left Chelsea suddenly found his form, strange thing form.

  14. Four says:

    Mourinho needs to watch this and work on his "principles of play". Hearing Rooney share his experiences had made lose respect for Mourinho.

  15. When the media is watching City and Liverpool, I reckon there's not much pressure on Spurs who look like they will be dark horses for the Title.

  16. BabsW says:

    Gabbidon needs some Carmex

  17. Zib Ndix says:

    The top players are all mentality. Wayne's mentality is brilliant for a footballer.

  18. Balti Pie says:

    Prime time Rooney would have had Van-Lesbien on toast

  19. Rooney looks far more confident , relaxed and engaging than I have seen him before. Good to see.

  20. Jake with the cringe banter as usual. Gabb's should have chinned him

  21. @53:36 what a great job by the graphics team to show that picture during England discussion

  22. Bo_Hazem says:

    Man, I love Rooney, but some few slippery words I couldn't understand out of his mouth. While he's being from Liverpool, Michael Owen did speak in a more formal language that's very clear for any.

  23. Marlo says:

    All Time Top Scorer For Man Utd & England And Was Made In The Everton Academy!!!

  24. Kieran R says:

    Rooney on his goal against Newcastle – 5 minutes
    Rooney on his both spells at his ‘boyhood’ club – 2 and a half minutes
    However, Rooney on his adopted club United 35 minutes

  25. Solskjaer speaks better English than Rooney

  26. its cardiff ffs……there gonna beat huddersfield 3>0 and united fans will be like….title race is back..

  27. The man, the myth, the legend… Wayne 'Ehrm' Rooney!

  28. First question the guy is a mong

  29. Humphrey’s was a bit of a knob head to gabbidon at the start weren’t he. Weapon

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