Liverpool Must Be Wary of Wily Hodgson

Updated: 27/05/2024


Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace

Saturday, 19 January, 15:00

Hypocrisy thy name is Kristian.

Fans of my BetBull articles will know that for the last few months I’ve not exactly been very complimentary to Crystal Palace. It might surprise you, then, that my selection doesn’t overwhelmingly favour their opponents Liverpool.

There’s no denying over the past few weeks that Palace have improved exponentially. Victories against Leicester, Manchester City and Wolves have not been overshadowed by losses to Chelsea and Watford where Palace were unlucky.

I’m not saying Palace are going to beat Liverpool this weekend, but I am detailing that given the fact they haven’t lost by more than one goal since the start of December they will avoid a big loss on their trip to Merseyside.

Since Liverpool lost to City, the Reds have become slightly more passive as they look to avoid slipping up.

The home side could potentially dominate this game from the very start, but based on everything I’ve said I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a resilient Palace make it hard for Liverpool to dominate possession, which is what they need to rip teams apart.

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