Kyle Walker's impression of Raheem Sterling is brilliant!

Updated: 28/11/2023

Kyle Walker's impression of Raheem Sterling is just great.

The Manchester City stars play Football Focus' Honesty Cards, revealing Sterling's guilty pleasure song, FaceTiming an unsuspecting John Stones and discussing who has the worst celebration in the squad.


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Kyle Walker's impression of Raheem Sterling is brilliant | Honesty Cards | BBC Sport


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28 thoughts on “Kyle Walker's impression of Raheem Sterling is brilliant!”

  1. Looking at speed and fire power right there..City is the BEST

  2. R says:

    These two are a couple of prize prats.

  3. Who’s watching when sterling bangs in a goal nearly every game!

  4. james Bond says:

    Kyle walker looks very happy in mancity

  5. Fresh Xan says:

    This is my firs time seeing Walker in real life video besides fifa

  6. R Michael says:

    Kyle Walker and Kell Brook. I can never make out their ethnicity. Black? White? Arab?

  7. You can't not love Kyle Walker I swear to god!

  8. He didn't have enough room to dive if he was asked to do a Salah impersonation.

  9. How did Raheem place 10th in the uefa best player?

  10. i didnt hear 'im a victim'

  11. Derp says:

    shame in 20 years noone will remmber city except they bought the league

  12. Big Smoke says:

    god Kyle walker is fkn ugly

  13. SKILZ 8 says:

    0:57 sounds like ksi's laugh

  14. John Smith says:

    Bullshit saying they would rather win the world cup instead of CL

  15. Love to go for a beer we Kyle Walker

  16. I wish would scored lots of goals and run out of celebrations!!!!

  17. Kyle Walker looks like ManLikeHaks

  18. The editor of this video needs to relax and actually let us see their reactions.

  19. 1:24 just cause they can’t win the champions league

  20. GAJM__ says:

    I can do a sterling impression too. All I have to do is the “cha ching” sound effect from a old cash register.

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