FA Cup History: Five Epic Music Tracks

Updated: 13/04/2024

The FA Cup is to die-hard football fans as Bruce Willis is to… well, Die Hard! As millions of fans get set to tune in to the final we decided to get creative and launch our very own tribute to this epic event.

The Sound Of British Football is an interactive graphic which looks back over some of the most iconic FA Cup moments. So feast your eyes and ears on 40 years of banging footie history!

Relish the drums, chants, and whistles bringing a match day vibe of full football fanfare in all its tribal glory! This musical throwback shows the frequencies of wins, losses and draws for the top five teams in FA Cup.: Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, and Liverpool.

Arsenal and Manchester United are currently tied on FA Cup wins, each having lifted the trophy 12 times. Tottenham and Chelsea have won the competition eight times, and lie second on the list, while Aston Villa and Liverpool have both lifted the trophy seven times.

Will you be able to recognise your team from the track below?


Arsenal: Good news Gooners! Arsenal currently has the best track record in the FA Cup, accumulating the highest number of overall wins, as well as the highest number of consecutive wins. The team’s five worst FA Cup defeats (#facepalm) have been between 2008 and 2019, losing heavily to Manchester United in 2008, and 2019, and Tottenham in 1991.

Manchester United

Manchester United: The year 1999 marks the historic Treble for Man Utd. Having already won the Premier League title the previous weekend and the Champions League the following Wednesday, they went on to kick the FA Cup title right in the net. 2009 was a less than legendary year for the Red Devils when the squad lost to Everton in the semi-final.


Chelsea: In 2010, Chelsea scored the trophy for the 2nd year in a row. This marked two years of 6 straight wins, no draws or losses for The Blues. 1994 saw the team face a crushing blow, losing by 0:4 to ManU in the Final -giving fans a different kind of blues!


Tottenham Hotspur: In the 1981 final the Spurs defeated Manchester City in the first ever Wembley replay. The final also saw a memorable solo goal from Ricky Villa which was later voted the greatest goal ever scored at Wembley. 2012 had fans shouting at their screens as Chelsea crushed Tottenham’s lead by scoring three goals in the last quarter of the semi-final match.


Liverpool: The 1986 competition was won by Liverpool, who defeated local rivals Everton 3–1 at Wembley in the first ever Merseyside derby final. The rivalry at this match was said to be epic! Everton got their own back defeating The Reds in 1991 and 2009 with wins outside of the final on each bash.

How we made this…

Using external data resources, including the FA Cup highlights year-by-year, shocks in FA Cup history and the most iconic FA Cup goals, Bookmaker were able to gather data on match performance looking at wins, losses, draws and overall cup wins for the top five FA Cup teams, dating back to 1980. Information that every true football fan should know! To bring this to life, we then shared the data with a top local musician who transformed it into audio-visual tracks which unveil some of the key trends and themes in footballing history.

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