EPL News: Manchester United Agrees To Purchase Arsenal Captain Robin van Persie

Updated: 29/05/2023

Huge EPL news breaks on Wednesday, as Arsenal has reportedly agreed to sell captain and reigning player of the year, Robin van Persie to Manchester United …


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43 thoughts on “EPL News: Manchester United Agrees To Purchase Arsenal Captain Robin van Persie”

  1. Jesse Pugh says:

    man i dont get ppl like you. you should take me being a fan of the epl as a compliment, because in my opinion it is the best league. not sure why you think i shouldnt be allowed to watch it… childish. its the same reason a lot of people around the world watch nba and nhl and mlb, because they are some of the top leagues in the world for that sport

  2. iGotBombz says:

    Yes I have, nice reply btw.

  3. iGotBombz says:

    Soo, what were you saying?

  4. iGotBombz says:

    I really have to thank you again for Persie, he really is amazing. It feels great to be first. Maybe someday you will get that feeling.

  5. iGotBombz says:

    Honestly I didn't even know about the rape accusation but anyways it was fun chatting with you but I have a life and I don't like talking to idiots. Good luck in the Premier League, having started the way you did I think you guys are on a run towards the cup 😉 ( just in case, cause you're retarded, that was sarcasm)

  6. iGotBombz says:

    Funny how you would only mention the rape accusation of him when he leaves your little shitty team. I like your username arsenal for scum…. it represents you perfectly.

  7. iGotBombz says:

    nah I don't I don't need to, btw thanks for Robin Van Persie, I'm sure he would really help Man Utd win the premier league.

  8. snaggiz says:

    So fucking true.. This just shows a little American logic sometimes.. O_o Americans are pretty nnice people, I have American friends.. But their ..whatchama call it.. Sometimes they think pretty dumb ways.. 😀

  9. snaggiz says:

    Obviously, football is when you're allowed to run with the ball in your hands.. And as far as i know, it's only kicking when the game is stopped ? like Punting.. Am I wrong ? How ever.. There is very little football in the American football.. I mean, there isn't really a ball… It's a oval.. Wellwell, we call it one way, you cvall it another.. That's just the way the world works. even though the American football kinda anoyys the shit out of me.. But, I'll have to live with it. Peace!

  10. Jesse Pugh says:

    Man I can't stand it how people just think Americans are such dumbasses because soccer isn't our biggest sports. We have our game you guys have yours so what is the problem with that?

  11. Isaac J says:

    For everyone that complains when U.S calls soccer soccer is because it is called soccer, it's the proper way. It was first invented by the British and since there was many other forms of football (American, Australia, Rugby football, etc) Football gradually started dominating "soccer". Point is it doesn't matter if you call "soccer" or "football" both names are correct.

  12. Mat Lemons says:

    van persie's london appartment went up in flames
    police suspect arsene

  13. Manchester United sucks without C.Ronaldo after he left, but the next C.Ronaldo will come… Robin Van Persie.

  14. Dutch donkey!!! The only number 10 dutch legend is Bergkamp 🙂

  15. Matthew says:

    Handball is called Handball because you use your hands with a ball, football is called football because you use your foot with a ball, American Football you barely use your feet with the ball i have no idea.

  16. Mr Hole says:

    We can sell Song as long as we get Sahin.

  17. Jim's Beam says:

    Now forget the shitty London club and welcome to Old trafford !!!

  18. Shut up you stupid fool how do you its going to be between city or united. The title is going to be between Chelsea and Arsenal you bitch.

  19. Pmilooo says:

    GTFO off English football.

  20. Don't you dare compare Kompany with Vidic. Vidic is the best defender in Europe.

  21. if scholes plays another season manchester united dont need another CM, he is one of the best play makers the world has ever seen. He is up there with xavi and iniesta even now at his age. The difference is now we have two knew players who can actually finish, kagawa and rvp. With scholes vision and such great awareness to find attackers and kagawas and rvp finishing ability united will be unstoppable going forward. Also vidic is back from injury and he is one of the best CB's in the league.

  22. sorankurdi says:

    I really like USA but why can't you guys just call it football, the game is called football, the world knows it as football, they guy who created the game wanted it to be called football. football football football fooooooooooooooooootbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall

  23. Cbg G says:

    so why are u even watching this? Some sense you have..

  24. Cbg G says:

    exactly… hes a gun. Which means man u would be close to unbeatable in the epl this season. Look at the players. Rooney, kagawa, young, wellbeck, van persie, nani, even carrick to an extent. With all them rotating up fwd, man u would have unbelievable depth like barcelona, real, and munich

  25. Whats with the cup in her hand?

  26. Kawing1996 says:

    Whats with the cup in her hand?

  27. what about kagawa ?? hes a good transfer and a good player??

  28. Jesse Pugh says:

    @TomChepseba It's friends not chaps. Fucking Brits.

  29. So why is it the most popular sport in the world?

  30. Well said, I for one respect Arsenal very much with their ability to spot young talent and turn them into solid players. Same reason why i respect sir alex who usually gets young players (Kagawa, Ronaldo, Rooney…i can go on) to fully develop as a complete footballer. Good luck in the season, you guys did sign some quality players this off season. dont worry sir alex has ZERO tolerance for players like nasri who only play for money. Everything is about repsecting the club at united

  31. 8a8eh919 says:

    Manchester united dont need Batman, wee have Robin…

  32. TheYeller says:

    Chelsea will win the epl 🙂

  33. Best summer transfer signing goes to Manchester united

  34. Newenemy2b says:

    Ye know it all don't ye, PRICK!

  35. Pmilooo says:

    Good on Wenger he held out for his asking price and sold a 29 year old injury prone player for 24million. He's a genius.

  36. Dälï says:

    why do you yankees call it soccer? even spanish people and Portuguese call it Futbol = football

  37. Well look what henry did when he moved away from arsenal… Won he champions league the copa del ray and the title. persie like any other top player will no doubt want the champions league.

  38. He's a traitor.. He injured for 26 times / 7 years at Arsenal..
    And last season he did well but he left without knowing a reason why Arsene Wenger give him a captain role and main position as a striker..

    But Arsene Wenger did it ( Sell Van Persie ) to show all the players & to show all the fans..
    No player bigger than the club..
    We don't need unloyal star..
    Wenger just need a loyal average player..
    And he can simply make him to a star !!

  39. im a united supporter,and what you said was right.at least one arsenal fan who does not hate on rvp.i mean i dont hate ronaldo because he left us for madrid(and he played 6 years only).and dont worry we are not a money club like $HITTY 🙂

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