Arsenal v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE MATCH PREVIEW | 1/19/19 | NBC Sports

Updated: 26/11/2022

Arsenal and Chelsea face off in an important matchup as each side looks to secure a position in the Top Four. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Arsenal #Chelsea …


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17 thoughts on “Arsenal v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE MATCH PREVIEW | 1/19/19 | NBC Sports”

  1. Jo Glen says:

    2-0 for chelsea i think

  2. Tony Stark says:

    That is the ugliest suit I’ve ever seen lol

  3. 3-2? I don’t think there will be that many goals

  4. If Arsenal turn up they can win .

  5. In the past, regardless of how bad the situation was, Wenger Arsenal always dominated the London battles and even sold deadly in a defeat. Let see how Emery doing.

  6. Comments on mine Chelsea
    Like Arsenal

  7. Videos Fan says:

    Arsenal like chelsea reply

  8. Abulayi says:

    3-2 win for the gunners. That's a No No. They have a better chance of signing Mia Khalifa as their striker than to win this game.

  9. it's gonna be a cracker!

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