Are Man City in a defensive 'crisis' after shock Norwich defeat?

Match of the Day 2 pundits Martin Keown and Jermaine Jenas discuss how the loss of Aymeric Laporte and Vincent Kompany from Manchester City's defence has left Pep Guardiola with a ‘mini-crisis' at the back, and how midfielder Fernandinho could be the answer to their defensive problems following their a 3-2 defeat to Norwich City in the Premier League.


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No Laporte, no Kompany: Are Man City in a defensive ‘crisis' after Norwich defeat?


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14 Responses to “Are Man City in a defensive 'crisis' after shock Norwich defeat?”

  1. City will have to buy a Centre back, Stones and Otamendi and not good enough. Fernandinho will probably have to come in and play there until Laporte is back

  2. Perhaps motd2 might just have acknowledged that the winners were missing 2 international centre backs . Might have analysed why the technically proficient Norwich players could play their way out of a high press and then beat man city's for the third goal. But no what do we get a disrespectful montage of delia Smith 14 years ago. This club is one directors management players and fans. We together are rewriting the narrative of English professional football. It's not about money it's about people!

  3. This show would be a lot more financially viable and relevant in the modern world with a few changes. I’ve watched the show for over 20 years including the dark days when ITV won the rights for the highlights and we were lumbered with Des Lynam. As much as I love Gary he is also the face of BT sports for big games, he’s done excellent in the role, but it’s time to get rid of the old guard and employ some of the brilliant young talent that have gathered a following for football related content for example a Robbie Lyle. Would cost a fraction of Linekars salary, whilst breaking down a few barriers at the BBC . 🙂

  4. They need to start uploading more motd clips otherwise motd will be left in the dust by Bt and sky
    I haven’t watched motd since the season started sadly

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