Reel Talent Vs Stage 888 Slots

On the surface, both the Reel Talent and Stage 888 slots share lots of similarities. They even have the same number of reels and paylines. Both are very colourful and well detailed, feature-packed, accessible on both mobile devices and the desktops and are as innovative as they come. Accessing any of this duo is a sure ticket to paradise for any player!

Play Reel Talent Slots and Stage 888 Slots

However, there are some significant differences between these slots online.

A Look Deeper at the Stage 888 Slots and Reel Talent Slots Online

  • Game Developers- the Reel Talent slots is made by the duo of Microgaming and Just For The Win. Both the game developers have a solid pedigree, with Microgaming being one of the most famous and innovative game developers anytime, anywhere. As for the Stage 888 slots, it is the product of the tigerish Red Tiger Gaming, who have a well-deserved rep for developing solid games that anyone would gladly kill to play!
  • Themes- the themes in both slots online are similar but also different. The Stage 888 slot is all about a talent show featuring lots of well-dressed contestants who could easily find work as fashion models. The Reel Talent slot has a similar theme, with animals rather than humans being the talent show contestants. The players of this particular slots online are therefore treated to such incongruous sights as singing lions, fire-breathing alligators, guitar-strumming wolves and magic-performing rabbits.
  • Bonuses- this is one area that the Stage 888 slots get one over the Reel Talent slots. This is due to the fact that it features lots more bonuses than its competitor, including a quartet of randomly activated ones that either enhance winning chances or handsomely rewards players. The Reel Talent slot is no slouch in the bonus department, however. It features a couple of bonuses, one of which pays out up to 605.25x the stake.
  • Look And Feel- the Reel Talent slots has a more restrained look than its competitor. The primary colour employed on the reel is blue and everything is designed to be as eye-catching as possible. The Stage 888 slots, in contrast, look much like a teenage girls’ fantasy come alive, as it makes chief use of pink and shiny colours.
  • Wagers- in the Reel Talent slots, players can wager from 10p to ₤100 per spin. Conversely, the Stage 888 slots have the lowest and maximum bets per spin set at 20p and ₤500 respectively. This makes it much more suitable for high rollers looking to splash out obscene amounts of cash.

While the Stage 888 and Reel Talent slots boast lots of similarities, there are also significant differences between the duo. These serve to distinguish them for those on the lookout for talent show-themed slots that promise lots of thrills and enough action to blind a horse!

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