Khabib Will Fight Mayweather After UFC Contract Ends, Manager Says

Updated: 27/02/2024

 Khabib may combat Mayweather. PA.

Khabib Nurmagomedov has simply one battle left on his present UFC agreement, therefore what does the future hold for him moving forward?

Well, according to his supervisor Ali Abdelaziz, The Eagle intend on combating out his UFC agreement prior to dealing with Floyd Mayweather in the ring.

Ever given that his success versus Conor McGregor in October 2019, fans have actually been interested by the possibility of Nurmagomedov handling McGregor's previous sporting competitor, Mayweather.

And Abdelaziz has actually now clarified Nurmagomedov is still eager to combat Mayweather, if not in his last battle then after his agreement ends. Abdelaziz likewise appears positive that the Russian might beat ‘‘ The Money' in any discipline.


Speaking with TMZ , Abdelaziz exposed:

We have one battle left on his UFC agreement.

If the UFC wish to do a boxing battle, we down. … … Maybe we can combat Floyd at the end of the year, or 2019. For right now, Khabib is a UFC fighter, [ UFC President] Dana White is our partner, and we are going to appreciate him.

White has actually formerly made it comprehended that Nurmagomedov would not be allowed to eliminate Mayweather while still contracted with the UFC, and Abdelaziz seems sticking to the UFC president's desires.

Somewhat ominously, Abdelaziz likewise apparently encouraged Mayweather to begin conserving up for life insurance coverage must there be a battle, ‘‘ since he’’ s not going to be strolling any longer. He’’ s going to be consuming water [through a] straw'.

Speaking with TMZ Sports , 41-year-old Mayweather has actually formerly specified he would be up for breaking Nurmagomedov in a boxing match as this would be more rewarding:

They stated it needs to take place in the Octagon, and I stated, ‘‘ You simply inform me where Khabib has actually made 9 figures prior to in the Octagon'.

If he hasn't made 9 figures, he's not the A side. I'm the A side, so if you men desire the battle to occur, you should come my method. My method, my guidelines.

Money by name, Money by nature……

UFC President Dana White has actually formerly revealed his viewpoint on who would become the winner in a battle in between Nurmagomedov and Mayweather, informing CNN :

Khabib would [win], It would be an extremely unsightly battle, Floyd would get smashed.

White likewise mentioned how the battle might just happen if it was a boxing match, directing the following pointed message to Mayweather:

This is where the cash is.

Call me, Floyd — — you understand how this works. If you actually desire to get an offer done, call me.

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I can’’ t not do anything however regard this. @sugarrayleonard

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Mayweather will contend versus 20-year-old Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibit bout on December 31. This will be Mayweather's very first taste of action because his success versus McGregor in August 2017.

Mayweather has actually battled 50 expert battles unbeaten, while Nurmagomedov has an excellent 27-0 record.

Discussing the possibility of this battle online, one fan commented:

I am a Khabib fan however iI m more a Floyd Fan. I understand that Mayweather will beat Khabib.

However, another fan stated:

.If he combats Khabib in Octagon, #ppppp> Mayweather will get damaged. .View this post on Instagram.


What do you speaking about? Mr. @danawhite #memory

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Professional Money Maker #money #TMT

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Is Nurmagomedov vs Mayweather a battle you wish to see? And who do you reckon would be the winner?

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