9 Reasons Why Floyd Mayweather vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov Makes Sense

Updated: 25/06/2022

Shortly after beating Conor McGregor in the most successful battle in MMA history, Khabib Nurmagomedov challenged boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, who practically quickly reacted that a bout is possible .

A great deal of MMA and boxing fans raged that this may be simply another relocation exclusively for the cash, and they explained such a prospective battle as a total disgrace.

A stunning response, for sure. This proposed battle can’’ t POSSIBLY be just for money? It’’ s probably about Khabib and Mayweather being generous individuals and doing this for the good of the sport and (insert random cliché here).

There are lots of factors, strong reasoning, and a great deal of sense behind such a phenomenon. I chose to produce this post and share my viewpoint on why a match in between Floyd and Khabib is THE finest thing that might occur to the world.

Of course, with numerous reasons that such a battle will work so well for everybody, I needed to cut the majority of them out. I’’ ve concentrated on the leading 9 I feel are REALLY crucial.

.We Get to Enjoy a Media Tour of Insults!

The media trip surrounding the battle in between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was among the most spiritual experiences of my entire life.

I seem like a much better individual, and I believe my IQ is up a number of points after viewing grown guys insult each other in front of countless individuals.

If the trip for a possible bout in between Money and Khabib is anything near to that, it’’ s worth occurring, even if those 2 put on’’ t battle each other.


Imagine the knowledge that will be putting out in every occasion. Amazing times ahead!

.Floyd Mayweather Doesn’’ t Have$1 Billion.

I believe that the most apparent reason this battle MUST occur is that Floyd Mayweather’’ s approximated net worth presently lies simply under $1,000,000,000.

.It’’ s disgraceful for a professional athlete of this quality to not even have a billion dollars for beating individuals in a ring.

A possible battle versus Khabib Nurmagomedov would definitely produce sufficient income to assist Floyd satisfy a life-long dream and lastly end up being a billionaire. It may even motivate Money to make and attempt $10 billion throughout his profession!

And I’’ m sure everybody desires to see another 20-30 battles that are simply about loan? That’’ s the entire points of sports nowadays– simply make – all the cash!

.It Would Improve Dagestan’’ s Economy.

Next in line is among the numerous reasons the battle in between Floyd Mayweather and Khabib Nurmagomedov most definitely will make the world a much better location.

Dagestan is among the poorest Russian republics and the homeland of Khabib. Because the battle will bring the UFC star millions, a great deal of that cash will go back to Dagestan in one method or another.

As an outcome, this will resemble a financial investment in the regional economy and will alter the lives of countless individuals.

I’’ m sure that ’ s the primary inspiration of Khabib to really take this battle. The guy is too honorable for the unethical times we reside in! For the future of Dagestani kids, let’’ s do this!

. We Will See Politics and Sports Mix Again. Yeah!

Since Khabib is Russian and Floyd is American, all of us understand that there will be a lots of individuals, consisting of celebs and political leaders, that will make this battle about politics.

Who doesn’’ t love blending politics and sports? It keeps whatever interesting, includes worthless pressure in between countless individuals, and sidetracks them from the genuine concerns in their nation!

.Khabib versus Floyd will enable all of us to forget our day-to-day issues for a while and channel our anger and bitter dissatisfactions towards another nation and its individuals.

If we’’ re fortunate enough, the hatred might result in mass brawls in between individuals using the flags of both nations. A genuinely wonderful experience!

.We Get to See Floyd’’ s Dad Act like a Teenager Again.

There’’ s absolutely nothing rather like the sight of a male that’’ s 66 years of ages however imitates a teen cursing, swearing, and threatening to punch other individuals in the face.

It’’ s a brilliant example for all kids out there. It’’ s not useless at all, and it’’ s a great deal of favorable energy in the life of everybody seeing.

I would state that we ought to most likely provide Mayweather Sr. his own truth program –– completely worth it! I’’ m in fact thinking about the choice to begin a GoFundMe with that function, so remain tuned.

.It Will Most Certainly Be Competitive.

We all understand that there’’ s nearly no distinction in between MMA and boxing? The battle in between Mayweather and McGregor was an excellent example of that.

You couldn’’ t inform which one was an expert fighter and who’’ s used by the UFC, truthfully!

I anticipate more of the very same in between Floyd and Khabib.

.Whether it’’ s a boxing match or an MMA battle in the octagon, there’’ s no doubt the battle will be competitive.

I’’ m sure that with a number of months of training, Mayweather will have the ability to resist Khabib’’ s takedowns.

On top of that, the Dagestani handled to rock McGregor on his feet, so he must be prepared to get in the ring to deal with one of the finest pound-for-pound fighters in the history of the sport?

I’’ m sure much of you share your enjoyment and question the tactical modifications and an unlimited list of surprises those 2 will use no matter the guidelines of the battle.

.The Victims of a minimum of One of Them Will Find Peace.

Both fighters are unbeaten up until now in their professions. Khabib has actually messed up the sporting professions of 27 individuals up until now, while Floyd has actually ruined another 50.

Those are 77 lost souls (technically, 76, due to the fact that McGregor is on both lists) that are bound to desperation up until somebody avenges them!

If Mayweather and Nurmagomedov battle, among them will lose. This will bring peace and relief to the lives of a minimum of 27 individuals and their households.

I’’ m uncertain what occurs in case of a draw, however, however let’’ s simply hope that ’ s not the case.

. We Get to See a Mortal Kombat-Style Massacre After the Fight.

If we think about Khabib’’ s response to the insults by McGregor and his group, I believe we remain in for a reward after the battle versus Mayweather.

Khabib will definitely attempt to eliminate Floyd’’ s daddy, a number of individuals from his entourage, and most likely a number of random individuals from the crowd.

The Money Team will, naturally, respond, so we will see a mass brawl in between American fighters and Russian MMA fighters in a congested location loaded with civilians.

I can’’ t see how something might potentially fail here.

.Both Fighters Add to Their Legacy, Guaranteed.

Everybody in sports speak about traditions, so I believe this battle is best for both Floyd Mayweather and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Both will significantly increase the tradition they will leave for their kids. Cash currently discussed that he ought to have the ability to get $100 million or more.

Even the Russian ought to have the ability to reach $40-$ 50 million. That’’ s rather the increase to the tradition of both males, and their kids will more than happy for sure.

.Last Words.

Just in case you in some way sanctuary’’ t figured it out by now, the author of this post is not precisely a fan of the possible battle. It would just have to do with cash, as there’’ s no other way of discovering a format that might really make it an even contest.

Both fighters understand it, their promoters understand it, and the fans understand it. EVERYBODY understands it.

Let’’ s face it– the only thing it will accomplish would be to make Floyd, Khabib, and individuals around them rich with YOUR cash.

 MMA Bout

Of course, you have the total right to do what you desire with your money and time. Please wear’’ t waste it on this battle (if it even occurs).

It will contribute absolutely nothing to either boxing or MMA, so let’’ s hope that this parody doesn ’ t go through which this is among the ““ super-fights ” that never ever really takes place.

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