Drone Racing Betting now available at Pinnacle Bookmaker

Drone Racing Betting

Updated: 24/06/2024

Pinnacle.com takes the lead as the very first bookie to provide Drone racing betting odds on the Drone Racing World Championships. Drones will soon be a way of delivering goods and are already used for entertainment and recreational sport racing. Now you can add an extra layer of excitement by placing bets on the outcome of Drone racing. If speculating on Drone racing is your thing then there’s only one bookmaker you should be seeking out and that’s Pinnacle.com. 

London, 7th October 2016

Pinnacle does a first by providing odds on Drone Racing betting

Keeping its credibility as a leading innovator in the online wagering world, Pinnacle is happy to reveal its launching odds on the brand-new and fast emerging sport of Drone Racing.

Pinnacle.com was the very first bookmaker operator to provide several markets on eSports in 2010. Pinnacle has a well-earned credibility as the front runner when it pertains to banking on brand-new sports.

Beginning with the 2016 Drone Racing World Championships initially being held at the Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii (October 20-22). Pinnacle will at first provide Drone racing betting odds on the straight-up winner. This will be to evaluate interest in the Drone racing betting marketplace. Drone racing betting fans and early seekers can see the odds at the Pinnacle website here.

Drone Racing has emerged through the quick growth in drone ownership around the world. The uptake in ownership has been assisted by substantial decreases in drone size and expense. Business such as DJI (with their brand-new Mavic Pro) and GoPro (with their brand-new Karma) are producing professional-grade drones with HD cameras for less than $1,000. Thus enabling yard lovers to train to a professional Drone racing requirement. The natural goal of these fledgling pilots is the starting ground at the World Championships. For those that do not end up being Top Guns, they can test their skills of understanding the game by placing a wager on it at Pinnacle. At the bookmaker they constantly welcome winners and make it their mantra that they don’t close successful punters.

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