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Updated: 05/12/2022


A Trixie bet is a type of multiple method betting wherein four bets on three different selections are combined into one. 

Predominantly used in Horse Racing – but available across many sports – Trixie betting is a three selection wager that ultimately consists of four placed bets, offering high profits for comparatively low stakes.

With an accumulator, you require every bet to come in. The beauty behind a Trixie bet is that should one selection fail then a return is still guaranteed.

Backed with William Hill, it is one of several bets that is known as a ‘cover bet’ – a kind of insurance should you miss out on your Treble.

How much you scoop is dependent on the amount of selections you win and the odds of each bet.

Remember, a Trixie bet does not include singles in your selection.

Therefore, your winnings will be calculated on three winning Double Bets and one Treble.

Trixie betting is a great way to hedge your bets a little in case one of your selections doesn’t win and can prove to be very lucrative if they all come in – that is why it is commonly compared to the Patent Bet and the Yankee bet.

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Trixie bet

Trixie betting is popular amongst horse racing punters

Trixie betting explained: How does a Trixie bet work?

The two basic rules of Trixie betting are:

  1. You cannot bet on multiple outcomes on the same event
  2. You cannot bet on events across multiple sports.

That means you couldn’t for an example, bet on the correct score in a football game and the same number of corners in the same game.

Your total stake is always four times the amount you decide to enter because of the three Doubles and single Treble you place on. Your stake will reflect all four picks in a Trixie, so you need to allow for four times the value of your unit stake.

It is crucial then to consider the potential margins of profit in relation to your total stake.

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In essence, you pick three events and cover a number of multiple bets.

So a Trixie bet on events A, B, C would look like this:

1 X Double on outcomes A and B coming true.

1 X Double on outcomes A and C coming true.

1 X Double on outcomes B and C coming true.

1 X Treble on all three outcomes A, B and C coming true.

If none of your events went through – you lose your entire stake.

If one of your events went through – you still lose your entire stake.

If two of your events went through – one of the doubles wins and you get a return (could be bigger or smaller than your total stake)

If all three of your events went through – each of the three doubles wins and so does the treble meaning a guaranteed profit.

Summary: the difference between a Trixie and a Patent bet

Patent bets also feature three selections, but there is particular difference: a Trixie bet system has four bets. A Patent bet has seven bets.

Of those seven bets, three of them will be Singles – for each of the selections – whereas there are no singles in a Trixie.

The Patent bet is predominantly used in Horse Racing and has become increasingly popular because if you need only one winner from three selections to see a return for your money.

Therefore, you could back three horses at relatively long odds and still hope to get something back should one win – unlike a Goliath bet which requires at least two winning selections for a return. That return would, however, be likely to be lower than the initial stake.

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