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Updated: 26/02/2024

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Follow these Rules for your own Greyhound Betting System


Greyhound betting strategies can take time to perfect.

In this article we will discuss the finer points to building and implementing a successful betting system for greyhound betting.

I think betting on greyhounds has many advantages over betting on the horses and I will explain why.

There are just 6 runners in a greyhound race.

Horse races commonly have anything from 7 runners up to more than 30 and even more in races like the Grand National.

So to study the form of even 10 runners requires a lot more time and understanding.

There is no shortage of betting opportunities available in UK greyhound racing.

The races start early in the morning, around 10am, and go on until late in the evening, 10pm.

This provides the punter with plenty of races to put our strategies to work and asses them.

A few of the crucial aspects I think about when establishing a greyhound betting system are as follows –

Greyhound form

Free stats are easily available on the web.

Try a greyhound site like the and the for a good free resource on this. These permit us to evaluate some great info like the typical track times over the previous 5 races.

If we do this for all runners in a race we can get an easy but really precise view which greyhound is the fastest and apply this study into our system.

Race grade

Just like horse races, greyhound races have grades.

If a greyhound is going up or down grades this provides us with some interesting information.

If moving down grades is this because they have struggled at their previous grade?. It likewise offers us warning signs.

The greyhound might seem the best choice for the race having won a string of races however it it's now gone up in grade.

It will now have to face more powerful competitors and face stiffer competitors.

In this case the greyhound is unlikely to be a good bet until it proves itself in the higher grade.

So it's best to wait and see how it performs.

The trap

This is probably the best indication.

Many a betting system relies on the importance of the trap position before placing a bet.

It’s very true that there are patterns of losing and winning traps and you can recognize them quickly and turn them into your advantage.

For example looking for a greyhound that both possesses speed on the break and is drawn low in trap 1, 2 or 3 is a definite advantage when it comes to the first bend.

Such a greyhound could eliminate the backward shuffle that often occurs when the dogs collide with each other as they bunch up.

It could be the difference between winning or losing.

Incorporating the aspects of race grade, form and trap it’s possible to establish a really profitable greyhound betting system.

When you have this information collected there are now some other crucial concepts you have to follow –

A professional approach

It's a reality that 98% of punters lose cash over the medium to long term.

They might be making use of a system which will make them earnings however if they alter the filters and guidelines or chase losses it can end up being a losing system.

A betting bank

Naturally you have to never wager with cash you cannot afford to lose.

Even more important is the need to set aside funds particularly for betting. I see this as a long term investment. This approach alone can alter your frame of mind into a winning one.


This resembles my first point. You need to have the discipline to stick to the specified system and not adjust it before testing it to it's full potential.

I allow any brand-new system a minimum of 6 or 7 months of testing before fine tuning it in anyway.

If we continuously change our original method we will not make any progress.

Greyhound racing betting techniques have been extremely rewarding for me and I recommend anybody to try out the suggestions here to see if they suitable for you.

Not all greyhound betting techniques provide earnings.

I am continuously checking brand-new strategies. The best greyhound betting systems take years to establish and this is a continuous mission for me in my find for perfection.

Good luck with your future greyhound betting.

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