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Betfred's Extra Places!

Updated: 24/06/2024

For horse racing enthusiasts looking to enhance their betting strategy, Betfred offers a lucrative opportunity through its “Extra Place Races.” This feature allows bettors to increase their chances of winning by extending the number of payout positions in selected races.

In this review, I'll explore how Betfred's Extra Places can boost your bets, offering insights from my own experiences and a comprehensive analysis of this offer's benefits and considerations.

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Understanding Betfred's Extra Place Races

Betfred's Extra Place Races expands the traditional betting boundaries by offering additional places on which you can earn a payout in selected races. This means if you place an each-way bet, your horse doesn’t have to finish first or second to see a return; depending on the terms, finishing even in fifth or sixth might still bring you winnings.

Eligibility and How to Participate

Who’s Eligible? This offer is available to all verified online customers of Betfred, both new and existing, ensuring that anyone interested can get involved.

How to Qualify: Qualifying is straightforward:

  • Place each-way single or each-way multiple bets on any nominated races on the specified day.
  • Make sure your bets are not Ante Post, as these do not qualify for the Extra Place Races.

Key Benefits

What You Will Receive: If your selection finishes in one of the extended places, Betfred will pay out at 1/5 odds on your single or multiple bets. This is particularly advantageous during large field races, where the standard payout places might be limited to the top three or four.

When Will You Be Credited? Your winnings will be credited to your account immediately upon the settlement of the race market, making it easy to track and manage your funds.

Limitations and Strategic Implications

Despite its appealing aspects, there are a few limitations and strategic considerations to be aware of:

  • Runner Requirements: The number of extra places paid out depends on the total number of runners. For instance, if fewer than 16 runners are in a race designated to pay 5 places, only 4 places will be paid instead.
  • Dead Heat Rules: These apply and could potentially impact your payout in the event of a tie.
  • Selective Races: Not all races qualify for extra places, which can limit opportunities for using this feature.

My Personal Experience with Extra Place Races

I recently engaged with this feature during a major racing event. I placed an each-way bet on a horse with relatively long odds, intrigued by the potential of an extra place payout. As the race concluded, my horse impressively clinched the fifth spot, which was one of the extra places offered by Betfred for that race. The payout was immediate and reflective of the extended place terms, reinforcing the value of this betting strategy during races with large fields.

Pros and Cons


  • Increased potential for returns, making each-way bets more appealing.
  • Accessible to all verified users, enhancing inclusivity.
  • Quick payout upon race settlement.


  • Limited to specific races chosen by Betfred.
  • The impact of minimum runner requirements.
  • Exclusion of Ante Post bets.


Betfred’s Extra Place Races are an excellent tool for horse racing bettors aiming to maximize their betting outcomes. This feature not only increases your chances of winning by expanding the number of payout places but also adds an extra layer of excitement to your betting experience. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned punter, the Extra Place Races offer a worthwhile opportunity to boost your bets, especially on days with high-profile races.

As always, it’s important to approach betting with a strategy and to gamble responsibly, weighing the potential benefits against the risks.

Bet At Betfred Here!Bet At Betfred Here!

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