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  • Do you want to place wagers on American sports and live within the USA or neighbouring countries?.
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Top 3 Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus Sites

Here you will find a listing of the best sportsbooks that accept US players. These US sportsbooks online are easy to sign up to, accept all major credit cards and allow you to bet with Bitcoin as well.

USA Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus list

You can claim $1,000's on your first deposits at the listed sportsbook sites and they are all legal to bet with as they are based offshore.

We have taken time to select only sportsbooks with the best and most trusted online reputation so you needn't worry over the legality or delays in payment.

The sportsbook sites have been online since 1999 in some cases so you can be assured of betting with established websites.

Sportsbooks for US Players Common Questions and Answers

Your common questions on sportsbooks for US players online, answered.

What is the best online sportsbook?

Top 5 Best online Sportsbooks for US Players

  3. Bovada

What is a Free Bet?

A free bet is an award or bonus given to players who sign up to the online sportsbooks and make a first deposit.

An example would be a 50% bonus on top of your first deposit made at the sportsbook you join.

You would then receive 50% in bet credits as a bonus or free bet to be used all at once or on many bets. All free bets are subject to the sportsbooks terms and conditions, so read the small print for more clarification.

Can you withdraw free bets?

The free bets or bonuses given to first time players cannot be withdrawn but the winnings made from them can.

You will need to Rollover the amount of your first deposit and bonus award amount by the number that each sportsbook requires under their terms and conditions.

Bottom line – choose the sportsbook with the lowest rollover in order to cash out your free bet winnings faster.


Bonus: The online sportsbook gives you a 50% bonus on your first deposit so say you have been awarded $250.

You deposited $500 and the sportsbook credited you with a $250 bonus on top.

Rollover Requirement Before Cashing Out: 

You have $750 to bet with comprising:

  • Deposit: $500
  • Bonus: $250
  • Total: $750
  • Rollover amount x 10
  • Place wagers totalling $7,500.

You will have to place bets worth 10 x (Rollover requirement amount) $750 = $7,500 before you can request a withdrawal.

Win or lose and all bets are cummulative. Simply place bets as normal and you will reach your rollover target soon enough.

All online sportsbooks carry the rollover requirement so it's advisable to always check the amount of rollover against the bonus award.

Select the lowest rollover amount so you can make a withdrawal sooner. Of course you can not bother with any of the bonuses and just play as normal with no restrictions.

What is a Sportsbook Bet?

A sportsbook bet is a wager on a particular sports event to determine the outcome in the placer of the bet's point of view.

In the United States a sportsbook is a online website that will accept a persons wager or bet.

Such sports that can be bet on include NFL football, NBA basketball, horse racing, golf, baseball NHL hockey, boxing, MMA martial arts and soccer.

Is online gambling legal in US?

The online anti gambling law of 1992 does not apply anymore.

States in the USA can legally offer online gambling services again. There is no U.S. federal law against gambling online.

There is no U.S. federal law against betting online. However it is up to each US state to apply their own laws on gambling online. So you need to check your local laws.

What does Money Line mean?

The Money Line is represented by $100. The betting line that shows how much you would have to be to win above the $100 amount.

To win the amount your team only has to win the game.

Example of a Money Line bet:

Philadelphia 76ers 1.69 Money Line odds

Washington Wizards 2.25 Money Line odds

A $100 put on Philadelphia 76ers Money Line at 1.69

Total Bet: $ 100.00
Total Payout: $ 169.00

So you would make $69 PROFIT if Philadelphia 76ers wins the game.

If you would like answers by ourselves on any other sportsbook questions feel free to shoot us a comment below.

Good luck with your online sportsbook wagers.